Hollyoaks confirms Mandy pregnancy – and Luke’s return

Sarah Jayne Dunn teases "unexpected problems" ahead for her character


Hollyoaks‘ Mandy Morgan (Sarah Jayne Dunn) is reeling next week when she discovers she’s expecting a baby. Panic-buying a pregnancy test in Price Slice she confides in the shop’s manager Simone Loveday (Jacqueline Boatswain) her shock at the news, and fears how boyfriend Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) will react.


The couple had been conducting a clandestine affair for almost a year under the noses of respective spouses Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) and Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox), and are now living together after the betrayal was exposed.

Unbeknown to Mandy, Darren is already starting to regret cheating on his wife and is on the verge of rekindling his and Nancy’s love, while Luke languishes in prison leaving his wife to look after abused stepson Ollie, as well as her daughter Ella from a previous relationship.

Hollyoaks’ stalwart Dunn talks RadioTimes.com through the surprise developments for her alter ego, and hints what to expect from Gary Lucy’s imminent return as Luke – will he be released early for good behaviour, or will Mandy have cause to visit her incarcerated ex soon?


When does Mandy first suspect she might be pregnant?
She’s feeling a little off and under the weather next week, so she takes a test just to be sure… Not expecting it to be positive! She’s very shocked as it comes as quite a surprise. Mandy is also a bit nervous about how Darren will react at first, and is not sure if the timing is right in their relationship.

Is she worried about telling Darren the news?
Definitely! They’ve talked about having a baby together, but this wasn’t planned for right now. I think she’s worried he’ll freak out and not want the baby.

Are her and Darren ready to have a child together?
Their relationship is strong, but they’re having trouble dealing with all the other factors in their life. They really want to be together and have been through a lot to get there.

What about Nancy – what’s her reaction when she finds out?
It’s actually Darren who tells Nancy about the pregnancy, and Mandy only finds out she knows a bit further down the line. Understandably, Nancy is a bit bitter to say the least that her soon-to-be-ex is expecting a child with the woman he cheated on her with, who she thought was her best friend…


Mandy is already a parent, what kind of a mother has she been in the past?
She’s always been a brilliant mum with a lot of love for her children. Her first baby, Grace (who’s father was Tony Hutchinson) sadly died of cot death, and she still struggles with the grief of this. Her daughter Ella is the love of her life. She did have a troubled time when Ella was taken into care, which was down to Luke’s drinking, but Mandy would do anything for her children and has stepped up as a fab stepmum to Ollie.

How do Ollie and Ella react to the baby news?
They are super excited, and probably happy that there’s finally some positive news for their family!

What’s in store after this upcoming week’s dramas?
Luke comes into Mandy’s life again, and she has to come to terms with her new situation – along with some unexpected problems…


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