Can you visit the set of EastEnders?

Can the public access Albert Square?

EastEnders - Walford E20 sign

EastEnders has been filmed at BBC Elstree Centre since it arrived on screens in 1985. Although the soap is set in the fictional London borough of Walford, shooting actually takes place in Hertfordshire, about 13 miles northwest of the Capital. But is it possible for viewers to visit the set itself?


Is the EastEnders set open to the public?

Unfortunately, there are no tours of the EastEnders sets or of the studio due to the show’s production schedule (four 30-minute episodes are produced each week) and what the BBC states as being “additional security concerns”. Although tours of some BBC studios across the country are available (including Media CityUK in Salford and The Mailbox in Birmingham), the home of EastEnders in Elstree is not accessible to the general public.

EastEnders - Kush, Carmel and Martin

Is it possible to get signed photos of the cast?

The BBC states that it will pass on letters written to actors, but that the stars of EastEnders are responsible for answering their own fan mail. A heavy filming schedule could result in them taking a while to respond, but the address to send requests is:

BBC Elstree Centre
Clarendon Road

What other programmes are filmed at BBC Elstree Centre?

BBC1 medical drama Holby City is also shot on site, with the main BBC office block doubling as the hospital itself. Previous programmes filmed at BBC Elstree Centre include Grange Hill (between the years of 1985 and 2002) and the first series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, the building site location of which occupies the space that the exterior lot of EastEnders does now.


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