EastEnders: Halfway in danger as paedophile hunter Stuart manipulates him

"We'll see just how desperate Halfway is to get his brother's respect," says actor Tony Clay


EastEnders actor Tony Clay has revealed that his character Halfway will be dragged into brother Stuart’s mission to track down sexual predators. “Viewers will see how manipulative Stuart is and how easily Halfway is persuaded to help. It’s interesting to see how both Halfway and Mick get drawn in by Stuart and how he changes them both,” says the Walford star.


Last week’s drama saw Stuart admit to his childhood friend Mick Carter that he deliberately poses as underage girls online in order to entrap paedophiles. Upcoming scenes will now see the Queen Vic landlord and Halfway accompany Stuart on one of his hunts, only for Halfway to be left feeling guilty when he ends up being responsible for their target getting away. “You’ll definitely see a more serious side to Halfway,” adds Clay. “We’ll see just how desperate he is to get his brother’s validation and respect.”


One person who certainly wouldn’t approve of his actions though is girlfriend Whitney, with Clay believing that she would try to act as the voice of reason when it came to the issue of Halfway trying to impress his older sibling:

“She’ll think it’s not something her boyfriend would do – Whitney’s almost the voice inside Halfway’s head. He knows this isn’t really him, but feels like he has to get involved. But Whitney thinks Halfway’s got nothing to prove to Stuart. She’s fallen in love with Halfway because of who he is, and she’ll want to protect him and get him away from any danger.”

It’s heartening to know, though, that despite the on-screen tensions, life behind the scenes is far more enjoyable for Clay and his co-stars Ricky Champ (Stuart) and Danny Dyer (Mick):

“The scenes have been amazing – working with Rick is always great. He brings such a weight of work with him, he’s a brilliant actor and a brilliant person to have around. He always brings things to the table, and with Danny [Dyer] as well, there’s a really great chemistry between all three of us. Especially with Ricky and Danny – it’s amazing to see them working together.”


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