Home and Away: Scarlett sleeps with Justin?

She wakes up in his bed, but can't remember a thing about the night before...


Home and Away is lining up a surprising liaison between Justin Morgan and Scarlett Snow when it appears the pair spend the night together. But as Scarlett wakes up in his bed with a massive hangover and no recollection of how she got there, is everything as it seems? 


Struggling on the anniversary of her son’s tragic death and convinced that someone is stalking her, stressed Scarlett is all over the place leaving pals Justin and Alf Stewart concerned for the beleaguered blonde.

After borrowing Justin’s car, Scarlett starts to drown her sorrows and props up the bar at Salt while she gets seriously sozzled. Justin tries to sober her up when she gets hit on by a random guy, but Ms Snow’s having none of it tells the Morgan man to leave her alone.

But when Justin insists on walking her home, smashed Scarlett drunkenly flirts and thinks he’s propositioning her… Storming off after their altercation, the next thing she knows it’s the following morning and she’s woken up in someone’s else’s bed. Finding a wallet on the floor, she realises it’s Justin’s – did they sleep together?

Mortified they had a booze-fuelled one-night stand, Scarlett flees only to be spotted by Roo on the walk of shame. When Roo tells Alf it looks like Scarlett and Justin got it on, word gets back to Justin who embarrassingly has to put Scarlett straight – he found her hammered the night before and brought her back to his place so she could sleep it off, but nothing happened between them. Although the chemistry is evident – surely it can’t be long before they end up in bed for real?

Having cleared the air, Justin and Alf take Scarlett out on the boat – but they are unaware that someone is lurking and watching their every move…

Was Scarlett right in thinking she’s being stalked? Could she and her mates be in danger as they anchor down in a secluded spot away from the Bay? 

Home and Away airs these scenes on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 August on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.