Neil Gaiman’s American Gods season two confirmed

We haven't seen the last of Shadow Moon and Mr Wednesday


Praise whichever god you worship, old or new: Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane will return for a second series of American Gods


Bryan Fuller and Michael Green’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s mythological fantasy novels has been a major success with viewers and critics. Now it has been renewed for a second series on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and Starz in the US. 

The first series of American Gods will only take us about a fifth of the way through the novel, so there’s plenty of material left over for the showrunners to play with. Speaking ahead of the series premiere, Whittle told “This show really has got legs to go for numerous years.” And now it will!

American Gods shows a gloriously surreal version of reality based on the concept that immigrants to America over thousands of years have brought their gods with them. Over time they forgot about the gods they once worshiped, abandoning the old deities to the edges of American society.

Now those old gods are fighting back against the newer gods (media, technology) that threaten to destroy them forever. Ex-con Shadow Moon (Whittle) gets thrown right into the middle of this war by his new boss, the mysterious Mr Wednesday (McShane). 

Also starring in series one are Emily Browning, Gillian Anderson, Kristin Chenoweth, Pablo Schreiber and Yetide Badaki.

“We’re delighted to bring a second season of Neil Gaiman’s riveting story to fans across the globe,” said Prime Video’s Tim Leslie. “Audiences have responded overwhelmingly to season one – it is stunning entertainment unlike anything else and we can’t wait for the next series.”

Amazon keeps its viewing figures a secret, but the streaming service has revealed that American Gods has been its most-watched show since it launched on 1st May – though Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour keeps the top spot for the overall most-watched show in Amazon’s history.


American Gods is available on Amazon Prime Video, with new episodes added every Monday