JK Rowling and Tinie Tempah just traded hilarious magic-based banter on Twitter

We think we've found two new members for Hogwarts' duelling club


JK Rowling may be the mistress of all things magical when it comes to Harry Potter’s wizarding world but she could never have predicted that Tinie Tempah would include her in a song decades down the line.


That’s what she told one fan who asked on Twitter, anyway.

And we’re guessing no amount of Occlumency or Legillimency could have allowed her to predict Tinie’s response either.

The rapper poked magical fun at the author, arguing that she should have paid a little bit more attention in Divination class – that way she might have predicted that “Tell JK that we still rolling” would pop up in his song Girls Like.

Of course, JK had an answer for him.

But Tinie’s magical knowledge served him well.


Someone call Madame Pomfrey – we’re going to need an antidote for magical burns.