Has the new Game of Thrones trailer just revealed how Jon Snow will return from the dead?

The faces of dead Starks appear alongside ominous words from their pasts...


The latest teaser trailer for Game of Thrones season six hints at a new explanation for how we might see Jon Snow’s face again…


Jon was murdered by traitorous Night’s Watch men at the end of the last series but actor Kit Harington’s apparent appearance on set in full costume (along with the fact that Thrones fans simply can’t bring themselves to accept that one of their favourite characters is actually dead) has sparked irrepressible rumours that he will return. And the trailer suggests a new theory as to what form that return might take…

Set inside what looks like the temple of the Many-Faced God, the teaser scans along the rows of disembodied faces, showing us, one by one, a family of dead Starks – Ned, Robb, Caitlyn and finally Jon – accompanied by their echoed words.

If this really is the House of Black and White (rather than simply a stylised metaphor set outside the ‘real’ Game of Thrones universe), that would mean that Jon’s face, and those of any of the other Starks, could be given life, of a sort, by the faceless men – and could even lead to the particularly weird situation of faceless girl-in-training Arya wearing the face of her dead dad or brother.

“The long night is coming,” says Jon. “And the dead come with it.”


But if the dead are those whose faces now reside in the temple of the Many-Faced God, one question remains – why are we also being shown the visages of Daenerys, Tyrion and Sansa…?