Raya and the Last Dragon will be available to stream for all Disney Plus subscribers from 4th June and sparked a lot of major, thought-provoking talking points following its previous Disney Plus Premier Access release, from its eastern martial arts-inspired action scenes to a surprising focus on real-life food dishes to a celebration of Southeast Asian culture in general.


However one of the clear standouts of the film was the land of Kumandra, which was stunningly animated by the Crowds Animation department using over 72,000 individual elements - with one underwater scene featuring 23,836 animated fish alone!

For the uninitiated, Kumandra is the film's fantasy world which is under attack from the savage Druun, until the last dragon Sisu banishes them by concentrating her magic into a gem.

However, a power struggle for the gem splits Kumandra and its people into five distinct lands named after their placement along the vital dragon-shaped river: Fang, Heart, Spine, Talon, and Tail.

It's these five lands, full of their own creatures and cultures, that warrior Raya must travel through to collect the gem pieces - and what awe-inspiring places they are. Before finding out which one would be your animated accommodation, here's a rundown of the perks of living in each one:

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Raya and the Last Dragon

Cat-lovers rejoice - north-western land Fang, positioned at the head of the river, is known for its fearsome warriors, but also their love of four-legged felines. Its architecture is inspired by Indonesia's traditional Rumah Gadang housing as well as Cambodia's famous Angkor Wat, and the surrounding man-made canal protects the area from the evil Druun spirit.

However, the region is also very militaristic, with a skilled army and fierce assassins to guard the vast and advanced region. Fang would make very dangerous enemies indeed, so it would pay to be on their side.

So far so good - but Fang is ruled over by Virana and her daughter Namaari, who are somewhat responsible for the events of the movie. Perhaps a last-minute change of heart could redeem them...


Raya and the Last Dragon - Heart

The homeland of protagonist Raya, Heart is an island in the middle of the world, and is a peaceful community known for its green lands, lush rainforests and for the giant mountain temple hiding all the dragons that were turned to stone by the Druun. The people wear blue and green here to symbolise the importance of water - which is particularly fitting seeing as Sisu turns out to be a water dragon, inspired by the mythological Nāga.

The Dragon Gem which holds all of Sisu's magic is housed in Heart, as the Druun's first defeat occurred here centuries before. Charged with protecting this land - and the Dragon Gem - is Chief Benja, who prefers peaceful methods and hopes to unite the five lands of Kumandra. After a tragedy occurs, however, Raya, who has been training her whole life to become the Dragon Gem guardian, must find Sisu and save the people of Heart.


Raya and the Last Dragon

Northern territory Spine is in stark contrast to both Fang and Heart, as it is mostly made up of a mountainous, snow-covered bamboo forest, loosely based on the ample bamboo of Vietnam. As such the inhabitants wear rather more muted colours, with thick layers of clothing in order to survive the harsh climate.

Spine is home to the fiercest warriors, but by the time Raya arrives only one - Tong - has avoided being turned to stone. Tong turns out to be a gentle giant, however, who just wants to revive his people, who are also big fans of elephants despite the ill-fitting habitat.


Raya and the Last Dragon - Talon

Southern region Talon is a floating market town, clearly a homage to the popular Asian outdoor food markets with its bright lights, colourful hues and bustling streets. The people wear purple here, though watch out - the residents are just as likely to pickpocket you as they are to sell to you.

Raya finds this out the hard way when she gets swindled by "con-baby" Noi and the Ongis, though Raya soon befriends the cheeky toddler whose skills prove invaluable. The area is ruled by the Talon Chief Dang Hai, and later a woman named Dang Hu.


Raya and the Last Dragon - Tail

Raya's first stop, the eastern Tail is an arid desert location made up of several scattered villages, aiming for a rustic feel akin to South Asia's Mekong River. Most of the tribe are missing or turned to stone by the time Raya gets there, with the Tail Chief having passed away after getting caught in her own booby traps guarding her gem piece.

The most notable inhabitant of Tail is street-smart entrepreneur Boun, who serves Raya and Sisu a congee meal on his boat restaurant the Shrimporium before Raya hires him to transport them through Kumandra.

That's all five of Kumandra's lands covered - now the real question is which region would you fit in? Find out below...

Disney Plus is all new, all summer long, with Raya and the Last Dragon available to stream for all Disney Plus subscribers from 4th June.


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