Disney's iconic animation studio returns this year with the much-anticipated Raya and The Last Dragon, another whimsical family adventure to add a bit of magic to our lockdown life.


Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars) provides the voice of the eponymous hero, a new addition to Disney's legendary pantheon who lives in the fantasy world of Kumandra.

Centuries earlier, Raya's ancestors had lived in harmony alongside dragons, but the magnificent creatures sacrificed their lives to save humanity from evil monsters known as the Druun.

When their fearsome foes return to wreak havoc once again, it falls to Raya to track down the last surviving dragon and hatch a plan to defeat the Druun once and for all.

The first teaser trailer for Raya and The Last Dragon caught the internet's attention with its slick presentation, attention-grabbing soundtrack and adorable pet sidekick Tuk Tuk.

The film is due to be released simultaneously in cinemas and on Disney Plus as the streaming service's second Premier Access title, following in the footsteps of last year's live-action Mulan remake. So while there's a vast trove of content available on the streaming platform, doubled recently thanks to the launch of Star on Disney Plus, this is a title you'll need to pay extra for.

Read on for everything you need to know about Raya and The Last Dragon.

When is Raya and The Last Dragon released on Disney Plus?

Raya and The Last Dragon is scheduled to arrive on Disney Plus on Friday 5th March 2021.

The film will be available only as a Premier Access title at first, meaning subscribers will have to pay an additional fee of £19.99 in order to add it to their library.

If the family adventure follows the same strategy as 2020's live-action Mulan remake, then it will become available to all Disney Plus subscribers at a later date this year.

Is Raya and The Last Dragon getting a cinema release?

Raya and The Last Dragon is getting a simultaneous release on Disney Plus and in cinemas (where they are open).

At the moment, most cinemas across the United Kingdom are not open due to government restrictions and it's quite possible that will still be the case by early March.

Therefore, watching Raya and The Last Dragon at home via Disney Plus Premier Access might well be the only option for fans based in the UK.

Cinemas are currently operating in some other countries, such as the United States, albeit at a reduced capacity.

What is Raya and The Last Dragon about?

Raya and The Last Dragon (Disney)

Raya and the Last Dragon transports viewers to the magical world of Kumandra, where humans once lived peacefully alongside dragons.

This way of life came to a tragic end when evil monsters known as the Druun threatened to decimate the land and the dragons sacrificed their lives to stop them.

Centuries later, the sinister foes re-emerge and once again pose a terrible risk to everything that the people of Kumandra hold dear, prompting a lone warrior named Raya to seek out the only surviving dragon and ask for its help.

She'll be accompanied by Tuk Tuk, an armadillo-like creature who helps Raya on her dangerous missions.

Raya and The Last Dragon voice cast

Kelly Marie Tran (Getty, EH)

Kelly Marie Tran has been cast in the lead role as Raya, a warrior princess who hopes to restore peace to her kingdom. Tran is best known to movie-goers for playing rebel ally Rose Tico in the most recent Star Wars trilogy.

She'll be hoping to win the help of Sisu, the last dragon in existence, who will be voiced by comedian and actress Awkwafina. Fans will remember the rising star from her recent roles in Crazy Rich Asians, Jumanji: The Next Level and BBC iPlayer's Nora From Queens.

Daniel Dae Kim (Lost, Hawaii Five-0) will play Raya's father, Chief Benja, while Alan Tudyk (Rogue One) will voice her adorable pet Tuk Tuk, who resembles a giant armadillo.

Gemma Chan (Humans, Captain Marvel) lends her voice to Raya's primary rival Namaari, whose mother Virana will be portrayed by Killing Eve star Sandra Oh.

Rounding out the supporting cast is Lucille Soong (Fresh Off The Boat), Patti Harrison (Shrill), Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why) and Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange) as a giant named Tong.

Raya and The Last Dragon trailer

Disney revealed the teaser trailer for Raya and The Last Dragon in October 2020, which offers a striking introduction to the eponymous heroine and her mission to restore peace to Kumandra.

Raya and The Last Dragon is scheduled for release in March. You can sign up to Disney+ now for £79.90 for a year or £7.99 a month.


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