It never really went away, but it does feel like the Harry Potter franchise is making something of a comeback at the moment, and rumours continue to suggest that Warner Bros Discovery could look to make a movie version of the hit stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


When spoke to Jason Isaacs recently, while the Lucius Malfoy actor was promoting his new gaming role in The Last Worker (he plays a Liverpudlian robot in a project he describes as "clearly insane"), we couldn't help but ask if he'd be interested in revisiting the Wizarding World for a Cursed Child film adaptation.

After all, Draco's dad Lucius does play a key part in the theatre spectacular, as it's his Time Turner that enables the time-travel plot involving his grandson. Isaacs deployed the age-old adage of "never say never", but he did have nice things to say about the play itself.

Isaacs said: "I've seen the play. Both plays. I saw the play when it was two plays. It was utterly fantastic. And it did that extraordinary thing that the books did, which is, it brought people to the theatre who didn't go to the theatre, had never gone before and maybe will then go to the theatre a lot more."

This reminded Isaacs of the fact that "the books started people reading". "Adults included, not just children – all over the world, who hadn't read before and then fell in love with reading," he continued.

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But what about the chances of Isaacs donning that striking blond wig again? When he got to the business end of his answer, he said: "So we'll see. It worked as a piece of theatre. Sometimes things that work as a piece of theatre don't work as films. Sometimes things that work as books don't work in theatre, so I wouldn't... err... never say never."

A potential Cursed Child film isn't the only rumoured project the Wizarding World, either, with reports recently suggesting that a Hogwarts Legacy TV show could be in the works at HBO, inspired by the game of the same name that recently unravelled a new magical mystery in the 1800s. If and when anything is announced through official channels, we'll be sure to let you know.

To learn more about Isaacs's current project The Last Worker, check out the rest of our interview below!

The Last Worker launches Thursday 30th March for PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S. You can order your copy on Amazon.

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