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Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton cast reveal backstage secrets

The Disney+ Hamilton cast teased a "scandalous" book prop - and a mysterious incident involving a goldfish.

Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton
Published: Tuesday, 7th July 2020 at 4:02 pm

Lin-Manuel Miranda and the original cast of Broadway musical Hamilton have taken to Twitter to reveal backstage secrets - including a "Fifty Shades type stuff" book among the show's props.


Austin Smith, a member of the original ensemble and an understudy for various roles, revealed during a Twitter watch party of the Disney+ film that he could be seen onscreen reading an "incredibly scandalous" book.

"The book I am reading in the corner in this tavern scene was incredibly scandalous. Don’t know where they found this prop, but it was some Fifty Shades type stuff," he wrote.

Miranda, who created the musical and played Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, retweeted Smith's revelation with the intriguing caption, "You read us passages backstage!"

Miranda also revealed a slate of other behind-the-scenes secrets, including how several characters who played significant roles in Hamilton's life reappear onstage for the song Hurricane.

He tweeted, "Hurricane. Tableau on the second chorus. You can pause it. You'll see something new every time. King George. Redcoats. Ma Hamilton. Maria. Burr. Everything. It's a cat scan of his brain."

However, apart from the title of the "scandalous" book prop, all we really want to know is what the "goldfish incident" during Philip's death scene was.

Miranda joined in on a cast conversation about the mysterious goldfish episode, adding that he's "almost forgiven" co-star Anthony Ramos, who played Philip Hamilton.

The high-definition film version of the Broadway musical reveals plenty of new angles and insights into what it must have been like to watch the original production from the best seat in the house.

Disney+ subscribers couldn't look away from Jonathan Groff's spitting while performing as King George III, which is given a close-up during the number You'll Be Back.

With infinite opportunities to be in The Room Where It Happens, now the Hamilton experience is available to stream for just £5.99 a month (or £59.99 a year) - with plenty of previously unseen Hamilton content for fans.

You can read our Hamilton review here. The Hamilton movie is available to stream now on Disney+. Watch it by signing up to Disney Plus for £5.99 a month or £59.99 a year.


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