When is Encanto streaming on Disney Plus?

The 60th Disney animated feature has just been released in UK cinemas.


Disney’s latest family film – the 60th to be released by Disney Animation – recently arrived in UK cinemas, with Encanto transporting audiences to a magical version of Colombia through the eyes of main character Mirabel Madrigal.


The film is a joyous, vibrant exploration of family and Colombian culture and includes a number of energetic new songs written and produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda and performed by an impressive voice cast including Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz and Orange Is the New Black star Diane Guerrero.

Unlike some Disney films to have debuted since the onset of the pandemic, the new movie is available only in cinemas, at least to begin with. But fear not Disney Plus subscribers, there’s not too long to wait until the film will make it onto the streamer – read on for everything you need to know.

When is Encanto released on Disney Plus?

The film will hit streaming 30 days after its release in cinemas, which means it will debut on Disney Plus on 24th December 2021 – Christmas Eve.

Of course, this will be perfect timing for families around the world desperate for a Christmas treat, with the Madrigals’ magical adventure sure to be watched by a vast number of households on Christmas Day.

What is Encanto about?

The film tells the story of the Madrigals, a respected extended family who reside in a magical house in Colombia – all of whom are blessed with a special power such as super strength or the ability to control the weather.

All of them except for one, that is. Mirabel has no such gift, and as such sometimes feels like a bit of an outcast in the family, even though she loves all her relatives deeply.

Except, when the enchanted house unexpectedly begins to lose its magic, Mirabel really comes into her own – helping to save the day with help from her eccentric uncle Bruno.

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Encanto trailer

Still making your mind up about whether to watch? Check out the trailer below – which introduces the Madrigal family and the trouble that awaits their enchanted dwelling.

Disney’s Encanto will be released on Disney Plus on Friday, 24th December 2021. 


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