Saint Maud

Saint Maud

Rose Glass (2019)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Religious fervour and mental instability align provocatively in the discomforting feature debut of writer/director Rose Glass. Set in an uninspiring British seaside town, the film follows palliative care nurse Maud (Morfydd Clark) as she embarks on a new assignment tending to a dying former dancer (Jennifer Ehle). The mouse-like Maud seizes the opportunity to apply her newfound Christian zeal to the situation, taking it upon herself to save her patient's soul. The confrontational relationship between an easily appalled, intensely alienated carer and her bitter and stubbornly scandalous siren of a patient is fascinating, and it's a shame there's not more time for it to be explored. Still, Saint Maud is blazing, spiralling stuff, announcing its director in ferocious style, with a scenario that's apocalyptically rendered by cinematographer Ben Fordesman, while its tortured protagonist is brought to vivid life by a sensationally committed Clark. It all amounts to a film that will stay with you; whether you want it to or not.

Cast & Crew

Maud Morfydd Clark
Amanda Jennifer Ehle
Carol Lily Frazer
Joy Lily Knight (2)
Richard Marcus Hutton
Christian Turlough Convery
Ester Rosie Sansom
Homeless Pat Carl Prekopp
Director Rose Glass
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Other Information

Language: English / WelshColourTheatrical distributor: Studio CanalReleased on: 9 Oct 2020