Sam Mendes (2019)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Two young soldiers (George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman, both excellent) must deliver a life-saving letter to British frontline leaders on 6 April 1917, in this ambitious, thrilling and harrowing First World War odyssey from director Sam Mendes, inspired by his grandfather's experiences. The apparent suicide mission takes the viewer from the stinking British trenches, across a booby-trapped no man's land, through a blitzkrieg-lit night-time chase and into recently occupied German territory, and is shot to give the illusion of being one, long unbroken take by Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins. Although hitting all the familiar "war is hell" targets by way of bracing action and shocking deaths, the battlefront pressures and misery are also vividly portrayed. Dotted along the tensely unpredictable route are terrific cameos from Andrew Scott, Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard Madden, who assist in delivering the devastating emotional punches.

Cast & Crew

Lance Corporal Schofield George MacKay
Lance Corporal Blake Dean-Charles Chapman
Captain Smith Mark Strong
Lieutenant Leslie Andrew Scott
Lieutenant Joseph Blake Richard Madden
Colonel MacKenzie Benedict Cumberbatch
General Erinmore Colin Firth
Sergeant Sanders Daniel Mays
Lauri Claire Duburcq
Major Hepburn Adrian Scarborough
Private Parry Gerran Howell
Director Sam Mendes
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Entertainment OneGuidance: strong injury detail, swearingReleased on: 10 Jan 2020