The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die

Jim Jarmusch (2019)

15 Certificate


Our Score
The appearance of flesh-eating zombies prompts typically understated reactions in the latest film from American indie auteur Jim Jarmusch (Paterson). Sporting a potent Twin Peaks vibe, The Dead Don't Die boasts ample affection for the slow pace and quirky traits of small-town living. Nevertheless, it's set against a backdrop of "total planetary destruction" as polar fracking turns the earth on its axis and somehow unleashes the undead. Heading up a fine cast comprised primarily of previous Jarmusch collaborators, Bill Murray and Adam Driver are the cops trying to get to grips with the chaos, while Tilda Swinton is a standout as an unflappable martial artist/mortician, and the zombies include Carol Kane and Iggy Pop. Made in obvious deference to George A Romero, father of the zombie apocalypse film, Jarmusch's film has impressive love for the oeuvre, and his macabre imagery combines appealingly with the spooky synth score. However, the absence of scares is odd even for a comedy horror, and the environmental angle doesn't quite come off. Meanwhile, the line delivery can feel more stilted than laid back, and the self-referential stuff is a shuffling step too far. Still, Jarmusch has fun tinkering with genre tropes and does so with flair.

Cast & Crew

Chief Cliff Robertson Bill Murray
Officer Ronnie Peterson Adam Driver
Officer Mindy Morrison Chloë Sevigny
Zelda Winston Tilda Swinton
Farmer Frank Miller Steve Buscemi
Hank Thompson Danny Glover
Bobby Wiggins Caleb Landry Jones
Posie Juarez Rosie Perez
Coffee zombie Iggy Pop
Coffee zombie Sara Driver
Dean RZA
Zoe Selena Gomez
Hermit Bob Tom Waits
Mallory O'Brien Carol Kane
Danny Perkins Larry Fessenden
Director Jim Jarmusch
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: UniversalGuidance: Violence, swearingReleased on: 12 Jul 2019