Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Victor Levin (2018)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder first shared the screen in Bram Stoker's Dracula in 1992 and appear together for the fourth time in this black comedy about Frank and Lindsay, two deeply bitter and resentful people forced to endure a wedding together. There's something fun about seeing two people wallow in their misery, especially given the way Reeves and Ryder interact. Both stars excel in being utterly repellent human beings, who hate everything in the world including each other. Their chemistry is so strong, even when arguing, that during the first hour there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, particularly Frank's revelations about his family and a confrontation with a cougar. The fun wears off as the formula starts to become repetitive - there's only so long you can watch two people griping, particularly when they are the only characters with the best lines. Nevertheless, Destination Wedding is an entertaining exercise in misanthropy that will delight those with no love for the average romantic comedy.

Cast & Crew

Lindsay Winona Ryder
Frank Keanu Reeves
Bride Dj Dallenbach
Keith, groom Ted Dubost
Franks mother D Rosh Wright
Frank's stepfather Greg Lucey
Frank's stepfather's girfriend Donna Lynn Jones
Father of the bride Curt Dubost
Director Victor Levin
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: VertigoAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 10 May 2019