Ahmed A Jamal (2016)

12A Certificate


Our Score
Pakistan's Lollywood film industry has long been the poor relation of its thriving Indian counterpart. But director Ahmed A Jamal and his writer/producer sibling Mahmood take a positive step forward with this loose reworking of William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. Set in Lahore and turning on the corrupt rule of strict Muslim governor Qazi (Sunil Shanker), the plot is more than a little contrived, as his predecessor (Sajid Hasan) poses as a holy man to expose Qazi after he demands a woman's virginity in return for clemency for her brother, who has been sentenced to death on a false charge of fornication. The storytelling isn't always smooth; while the Jamals have trouble accommodating secondary characters like Nayyar Ejaz's roguish gadabout and his shady associates at a private dancing club. But they capably capture the atmosphere of the city and raise some important issues relating to the clash between tradition and modernity, the status of women and the role of religion in governance.

Cast & Crew

Sameena Sanam Saeed
Governor Fazal Khan / Fakir Sajid Hasan
Qazi Ahad Sunil Shanker
Councillor Kamal Nayyar Ejaz
Marium Seerat Jafri
Director Ahmed A Jamal
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Other Information

Language: Urdu +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Blue Dolphin FilmsGuidance: Violence, swearing.Released on: 17 Mar 2017