Meet the acts competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Introducing the musical sensations hoping to claim victory for their nations at the Eurovision Grand Final in Lisbon, Portugal, in May...

Eurovision 2018 Acts

A former Eurovision winner, a Eurovision runner-up, a previously banned contestant and a Swedish reality TV star will all do musical battle with the aim of winning the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final in Lisbon, Portugal on May 12th.


43 countries will fly their flags at the Song Contest, but who will sing on their behalf?

See the full list of confirmed countries and competitors here.

Who is the United Kingdom’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

The United Kingdom’s entry is singer SuRie who won the You Decide event on Wednesday 7th February. She will sing in English and her song is called Storm.

SuRie UK Eurovision 2018

Who is Albania’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Albania is sending singer Eugent Bushpepa to Eurovision. He will sing in Albanian and his song is called Mall.

Who is Armenia’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Armenia’s Eurovision entry is Sevak Khanagyan and his song is called Qami.

Who is Australia’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Australia will send singer Jessica Mauboy, who previously served as the interval act during the semi-finals of the competition back in 2014. Her song is called We Got Love.

Who is Austria’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Austria’s Eurovision entry is singer Cesar Sampson. His song is called Nobody But You.

Who is Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Azerbaijan’s Eurovision entry is singer Aisel. Her song has yet to be decided.

Who is Belarus’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Belarus’s Eurovision entry is Alekseev (real name Nikita Vladimirovich Alekseev). His song is called Forever.

Who is Belgium’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Belgium’s Eurovision entry is singer Sennek. Her song has yet to be revealed.

Who is Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Bulgaria’s Eurovision entry is Equinox. The Bulgarian Eurovision song is called Bones.

Who is Croatia’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Croatia’s Eurovision entry is Franka Batelić. Her song is called Crazy.

Who is Cyprus’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Cyprus’s Eurovision entry is singer Eleni Foureira. Her song is called Fuego.

Who is the Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

The Czech Republic’s Eurovision entry is Mikolas Josef. His song is called Lie to Me.

Who is Denmark’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Denmark’s Eurovision entry is singer Rasmussen. His song is called Higher Ground.

Who is Estonia’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Estonia’s Eurovision entry is singer Elina Nechayeva. Her song is called La Forza.

Who is Finland’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Finland’s Eurovision entry is singer (and former X Factor UK finalist) Saara Alto. Her song is called Monsters.

Who is France’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

France’s Eurovision entry is singing duo Madame Monsieur. Their song is called Mercy.

Who is Georgia’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Georgia’s Eurovision entry is jazz group Iriao. Their song has yet to be revealed.

Who is Germany’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Germany’s Eurovision entry is singer Michael Shulte and his song is called You Let Me Walk Alone.

Who is Greece’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Greece’s Eurovision entry is singer Yianna Terzi. Her song is called Oneiro Mou (My Dream).

Who is Hungary’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Hungary’s Eurovision entry is metal band AWS and their song is called Viszlát Nyár.

Who is Iceland’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Iceland’s Eurovision entry is singer Ari Ólafsson. His song is called Our Choice.

Who is Ireland’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Ireland’s Eurovision entry is former Britain’s Got Talent finalist Ryan O’Shaughnessy. His song is a ballad called Together.

Who is Italy’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Italy’s Eurovision entry is singing duo Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro. Their song is called ‘Non mi avete fatto niente’ which, roughly translated, means ‘you did not do anything to me’.

Who is Israel’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Israel’s Eurovision entry is singer Netta Barzilai. Her song for the contest is called TOY.

Who is Latvia’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Latvia’s Eurovision entry is singer Laura Rizzotto and her song is called Funny Girl.

Who is Lithuania’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Lithuania’s Eurovision entry is singer Ieva Zasimauskaitė. Her song is called When We’re Old.

Who is F.Y.R Macedonia’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

F.Y.R Macedonia’s Eurovision entry is Eye Cue. The song is called Lost and Found.

Who is Malta’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Malta’s Eurovision entry is singer Christabelle. Her song is called Taboo.

Who is Moldova’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Moldova’s Eurovision entry is DoReDos and their song is called My Lucky Day.

Who is Montenegro’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Montenegro’s Eurovision entry is singer Vanja Radovanović. His song is called Inje.

Who is The Netherlands’ Eurovision 2018 entry?

Holland’s entry is singer Waylon, who previously represented his country and finished in second place in 2014 as part of The Common Linnets. His song is called Outlaw in ‘Em.

Who is Norway’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Norway’s Eurovision entry is former Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak. He won the song contest for Norway in 2009 and returns to represent the country again this year. Norway’s Eurovision song is called That’s How You Write A Song.

Who is Poland’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Poland’s Eurovision entry is Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer. The duo’s song is called Light Me Up.

Who is Portugal’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Portugal’s Eurovision entry is Cláudia Pascoal. Her song is called O jardim.

Who is Romania’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Romania’s Eurovision entry is a band called The Humans. Their song is called Goodbye.

Who is Russia’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Russia’s Eurovision entry is Yulia Samoylova, who was controversially banned from competing in Ukraine in 2017. Her song is called I Won’t Break.

Who is San Marino’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

San Marino’s Eurovision entry has yet to be revealed.

Who is Serbia’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Serbia’s Eurovision entry is Sanja Ilić & Balkanika. The song is called Nova Deca.

Who is Slovenia’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Slovenia’s Eurovision entry is singer Lea Sirk and her song is called Havala, ne!

Who is Spain’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Spain’s Eurovision entry is double act – and real-life boyfriend and girlfriend – Alfred and Amaia. Their song is called Tu Cancion (Your Song).

Who is Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Sweden’s Eurovision entry is singer and actor Benjamin Ingrosso. The Swedish reality TV star’s song is called Dance You Off.

Who is Switzerland’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Switzerland’s Eurovision entry is brother and sister double act Zibbz. Their song is called Stones.


Who is Ukraine’s Eurovision 2018 entry?

Ukraine’s Eurovision entry is Mélovin and his song is called Under The Ladder.