Star Wars actor Liam Neeson to narrate a show about snow monkeys in Japan

The Taken and Schindler's List star will to do the voice over for Wild Japan: Snow Monkeys – a NatGeo show about a furry tribe


Irish Hollywood actor Liam Neeson has swapped the fast-paced action of films like Taken, Star Wars and Batman Begins for a beautiful documentary film about Snow Monkeys.


Wild Japan on NatGeo Wild (6pm, September 7) will feature the deep melodic tones of the actor doing his best David Attenborough impression, as he tells us about cute snow monkeys in Japan.

This adorable species live in the freezing Japanese Alps, and retain heat by huddling over thermal vents. Every day they make a trip down into Hell Valley to bath in the warm volcanic waters. The tribe and their babies create bubbles on the water’s surface for hours as they soak in the natural spa.

Neeson follows a baby monkey named Hiro, a cheeky chap with lots of energy, but his size and endless curiosity could put him in danger. Neeson tells the story of this fluffy family’s journey through the mountains, their struggles, bonding and friendships.

Watch Wild Japan: Snow Monkeys at 6pm, September 7, on NatGeo Wild


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