Are Back to the Future hoverboards finally a reality?

Er, no... Christopher Lloyd and Tony Hawk apologise for The Funny or Die prank viral video

Are Back to the Future hoverboards finally a reality?
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The Marty McFly in all of us went a little crazy earlier this week when a video featuring Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd and professional skateboarder Tony Hawk riding hoverboards started circulating on social media.

Could it be?! Has the hoverboard FINALLY been invented, just one year before 2015, the year that Marty gets to use one in Back to the Future Part II?! Are our wildest dreams finally a reality? 

Well, turns out...they aren't.

Comedy video website Funny or Die has revealed itself as the third conspirator behind the hoverboard hoax. The website has released a video from a comically tearful Christopher Lloyd apologising for the fake viral video.

Tony Hawk also posted a video admitting his involvement in the prank. "I thought it was obvious it was fake but a lot of people believed it," Hawk admits in the video. "I wanted to believe it as much as you did."

Both videos feature admittedly awesome behind-the-scenes footage of how the gravity-defying prank was pulled off.

And while it is a little heartbreaking that hoverboards still haven't been invented, we suppose we forgive you, Christopher Lloyd and Tony Hawk, for crushing our dreams.

Roll on 2015, when at least we get to walk around town in our self-lacing shoes