A new Pointless app for Pointless people

A new app based on the BBC quiz lets you take on your friends


If you’re the kind of person who can’t watch Pointless without shouting arcane trivia at the TV, you’re in luck. The official Pointless app has just launched on iPhone and iPad, letting you compete with your friends to name the most esoteric, obscure and above all pointless facts.


With questions on everything from flags to Blue Peter pets, fans can challenge friends via Facebook or email, or take on strangers in a race to the bottom of the scoreboard. There’s also a one player mode to hone your skills, and hints if you get stuck. But you won’t get stuck: you’re a Pointless machine. Like that waffle press you bought years ago and never use.

Quizmasters Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman also crop up, although their in-game characters look less debonaire and much shorter, respectively. And before you say it, the Android version is coming soon.

Pointless (£1.49 iTunes)