Coronation Street spoilers: Kylie's pregnant - but is the father David or Nick?

"This could blow the whole Platt family apart," says actress Paula Lane

Coronation Street spoilers: Kylie's pregnant - but is the father David or Nick?
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Kylie Platt is in for a shock start to 2013 when she discovers that she’s pregnant. But who is the father: husband David or his brother Nick, the man with whom she had a one-night stand on Christmas Day? Actress Paula Lane reveals what lies ahead for Kylie in the new year: 

So what is it that makes Kylie first suspect that she’s pregnant?
She first suspects it when she makes a coffee one morning and the milk tastes sour. She quizzes Gail and asks if it’s off and  then suddenly the penny drops and she knows. 

So why did she come off the pill? After all, she was so careful to carry on taking it while she and David were meant to be trying for a baby.
She never intentionally came off the pill to have a baby. It’s just that she was a bit careless over Christmas and missed a few when she was more focused on the problems in their relationship. 

Does she want to keep the pregnancy a secret?
That’s her first intention, to not tell anybody until she’s worked out what she wants to do. She’s in a really dark place. 

So what makes her tell Nick the news so quickly?
Anyone who’s had a baby knows that, although it seems like a long time away, things start to develop and your body changes quickly. She isn’t quite at the stage where she’s got morning sickness yet so, in her eyes, she thinks maybe we can deal with this before it progresses any further and maybe he can help her with that. She needs his support, at the end of the day. It takes two to tango. It wasn’t just her doing so he should be involved now. 

How does Nick react?
He’s shocked. He wants to know how and she says, “well how do you think?” Then it comes back to him saying, “weren’t you on the pill?” He’s not very understanding at first, but I guess that’s led by fear. He’s frightened and he instantly wants her to have an abortion as there’s so much at stake for both of them. Nick’s trying to focus on his wedding and he just thinks she should get rid straight away. But then it could be David’s baby. It’s such a mess and Kylie’s really struggling with the guilt. 

So who does Kylie think is the father – Nick or David?
It’s 50/50. She can’t guess at all and that just makes it so much harder for her when trying to make a decision about whether to keep the baby or not. It’s a big dilemma! 

And how much pressure does Nick put on her to have a termination?
There’s a lot of pressure because there are factors surrounding this pregnancy that mean there is a lot of stake. This could blow the whole Platt family apart. No matter what option they go down, there are risks involved. So it’s just trying to work out which isn’t going to hurt so many people. Kylie’s got more to lose than Nick, but he doesn’t see it like that. It’s his family. So Kylie wants to come clean but Nick doesn’t. He says an abortion is the only thing that works for all of them. but Kylie’s not sure it works for her.   

How difficult is it for Kylie to hide her secret from David? Is she suffering with morning sickness?
It’s very difficult because she’s absolutely guilt-ridden and she’s trying to hide that at the same time. She feels awful, it couldn’t be any worse. David is so remorseful for his part in their rows and she hates herself for what she’s done. 

And then she goes and confides in Eva…
She’s surrounded by all of David’s family so Kylie feels very alone. She hasn’t got a lot of support of her own in the Street and ust needs to confide in someone. Eva’s just there at the time when she needs to offload. She’s been keeping this secret to herself and she wants an outside point of view. She doesn’t reveal anything about her one-night stand, she just tells Eva that she’s pregnant and she doesn’t know what to do. 

And how does Eva react?
In completely the way she doesn’t want her to! Eva says, “oh amazing, a little baby Platt, time off work, it’ll be great”. It’s not what Kylie wants to be hearing at that moment in time.