The Super Bowl is here. The talking, the showbiz, the build-up stops now – let the game begin.


The Kansas City Chiefs enter their fourth Super Bowl of the last five years and will aim to claim their third title in that spell in a bid to establish their dynasty.

They will face major opposition from the San Francisco 49ers, who boast plenty of weapons able to hurt the champs in this one.

If the 49ers were to secure a win, it would be the first time they have done so in 20 years after being defeated in their last Super Bowl outing four years ago... by the Chiefs.

There's some serious history between the two teams that with plenty at stake. Any British fans hoping to watch the full game are in for a late night in front of the TV, but never fear.

More like this has got all the details of how to watch the Super Bowl live on TV in 2024.

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Is the Super Bowl on UK TV?

Yes! Super Bowl LVIII is coming to UK TV screens this weekend, with a whole range of choices including free-to-air channels, paid subscriptions and even an option to watch the full US broadcast including adverts and more.

Check out the range of options below, including timings and links to watch the game on a host of platforms.

How to watch the Super Bowl 2024 in UK

The Super Bowl will be shown live on ITV1, Sky Sports NFL and NFL Game Pass via DAZN from 10:45pm on Sunday 11th February 2024 into the early hours of Monday morning.

The big game kicks off at 11:30pm. You can stream the action live on ITVX via a host of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Fans can also watch the game live on Sky Sports NFL and Main Event via a Sky TV package, or you can watch the game via NOW without signing up to a contract.

Alternatively, fans can tune in to watch the game on NFL Game Pass via DAZN, which will show full US TV coverage of the game, including the hallowed US adverts, for just £0.99.

Sky Sports experts' top tips to watch the Super Bowl as a new fan

Sky Sports NFL presenter Neil Reynolds

Generally, they're trying to move the ball down the field in in 10-yard chunks, you get four goes to move down the field, and you should follow the quarterback. That quarterback is either going to: A) hand it to somebody who tries to run downfield B) he's going to run it himself or C) he's going to throw the football. We'll be talking about the quarterbacks a lot on Sky Sports, it's a huge part of the NFL, so that's who you have got to focus on.

Sky Sports expert analyst Phoebe Schecter

Find one person on offense to watch, don't try and follow the ball wherever it goes because it almost becomes chaos. I would recommend you just pick one person, whether that's the running back or receiver and watch what they do. You can build the picture up that way. You could also watch the offensive line as a group. If they're standing up and going backwards, the quarterback's going to pass, if they're running forwards, it's a run play, for the most part. Try to narrow your vision on what you're seeing.

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How to watch the Super Bowl in the US

In the US, Super Bowl broadcasting duties are on a three year cycle between NBC, CBS and Fox.

In 2024, it's the turn of CBS, in partnership with Paramount Plus, to show the event.

Jim Nantz is back to commentate on his seventh Super Bowl, and he will be joined by former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in the booth.

Tracy Wolfson and Evan Washburn are on sideline reporter duty, while Gene Steratore and Jay Feely are on rules analysis.

In 2023, Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen brought all the coverage of Super Bowl LVII for Fox as each made their Super Bowl commentary debut on the night.

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