Best moments of World Cup 2014

From Tim Howard's triumph to Brazil's disaster, Phil Neville's commentary to Thierry Henry's cardigan, the vanishing spray to the Cooling Break...

Well folks, it’s here. It’s World Cup final day. And ok, we’re not celebrating England stepping up for a chance to take the title, but what a World Cup it’s been.


From Tim Howard’s triumph to Brazil’s disaster, Phil Neville’s commentary to Thierry Henry’s cardigan, the vanishing spray to the Cooling Break, here’s a selection of the most memorable moments from this year’s tournament…

England’s physio getting injured

It says it all really doesn’t it? England scored in their first match of the tournament and physio Gary Lewin ended up injured after his sideline celebrations. And England didn’t go on to win the tournament? Humph…

That time we all got a bit too excited about Thierry Henry’s cardigan

So much so that I personally dedicated an entire day’s work to trawling the internet to find out where the footballer-cum-BBC pundit’s cardigan was from. I know. It’s Gucci. And it costs £505.

The vanishing spray

Oh, the vanishing spray. So simple. A bit like shaving foam, but not. One minute it’s there, as the ref sprays a nice line telling players where the ball and the wall should be during a free kick, then it’s gone. Looks like it’s catching on, too:

That time our web team spent ages working out how England could stay in…

…then, well, let’s not talk about it.

We found some great merchandise

Including this snazzy USA shirt

And some cool ways to watch the game

A 700-inch screen and 850 sofas is about right, yeah?

Phil Neville got a bit of stick for his commentary

So a radiator salesman by the same name offered up his services.

While everyone absolutely raved about Mexico’s goalkeeper Ochoa

Especially after he kept all of Brazil’s attempts on goal at bay in the Group A clash

And of course, US goalkeeper (and record-breaker) Tim Howard

His performance on the pitch in the last 16 game led to a comical (and hastily removed) Wikipedia update

US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel found fans who weren’t quite telling the truth about their World Cup knowledge

Landon Donovan was cut from the team guys.

Everyone got quite excited about being on the big screen

Even if moments before their team had been losing

Celebrations were quite epic

Especially these in Algeria

The new goal-line technology confused some people

Well, one BBC commentator, at least…

When the heat was on we had the first ever World Cup Cooling Break

Was it right? Was it wrong? Was it funny? Twitter had questions, answers and jokes…

There was a whole lot of tweeting

In fact when Germany beat Brazil 7-1 it was the most tweeted about single sports match ever.

And thanks to social media, the word goal became much longer

So what will happen in the final? Only time will tell.


See Germany v Argentina tonight from 7pm (kick-off 8:00pm) on ITV