9 bonkers and brilliant World Cup products

The internet is awash with merchandise to help keep the spirit of the football tournament in Brazil alive. Here's our pick of the bunch...

If you’ve not made it to Brazil for this year’s World Cup – fear not! There’s plenty of merchandise around to get you right into the spirit.


With England’s next game looming, it seemed the perfect time to pick out the best of the bunch, from £1 horns to patriotic gnomes, here’s the (frankly) bonkers and brilliant football-themed products we found on the world wide web…

If the USA wins, this should be written on the trophy

Available via RowdyGentleman (US shipping only)

Look, you can even get your dogs in the spirit

Available via Barking Mad Clothing

Because watching footy with an oil burning candle going is the real dream

Available via Getascent

So warm, so of the moment, so er…

Available via GettingPersonal


Available via Notonthehighstreet

Just looking at it makes you feel more patriotic, right?

Available via 24studio.co.uk

At least this way you’ll definitely be able to bring one home

Available via Amazon

These are already reduced to clear on the John Lewis website…

Available via John Lewis

Because annoying the whole street needn’t cost the earth


Available via Poundland