Radiator salesman Phil Neville is available for World Cup commentary

A Suffolk-based footy fan has been mistaken on Twitter for the World Cup commentator – and quite fancies the job

Former England footballer Phil Neville has come under fire for his commentary style during the BBC’s World Cup coverage.


Among celebrities and fans, Neville’s voice (and his perceived lack of excitement) became a hot topic on social media during Saturday’s late night England v Italy game. The BBC confirmed that it had received 445 complaints, with the pundit himself joking to Radio 5 Live that he was pleased he’d helped viewers get off to sleep after the late-night match.

But fear not Mr Neville. If you fancy a day off, there’s another Phil Neville waiting in the wings for the job.

Introducing radiator salesman Phil Neville from Suffolk.

He scooped the Twitter handle @philneville when he joined and as a result found himself inundated with tweets that were meant for the football pundit. TV’s Phil Neville actually runs under the less obvious handle @fizzer18 (although he does have the handy blue tick to prove he’s the real deal and the name alongside reads Philip Neville).

Radiator salesman Neville told the Guardian he had actually received thousands of tweets and that “Some of it wasn’t very nice at all”.

Not that that’s put him off the idea of a job swap. In fact, the radiator salesman has offered up his services for this Thursday’s England game.


We’re just waiting for the BBC to come back to him on that.