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Is this Thierry Henry’s cardigan?

Looks like the World Cup football pundit might have got his much-talked-about sartorial va-va-voom from Gucci… and yes, I’ve been looking for this all day

Published: Monday, 16th June 2014 at 5:30 pm

Thierry Henry in a cardigan in Brazil during the World Cup has become one of the biggest talking points of the tournament so far.


Whilst he was busy talking about the game in his role as a pundit on BBC alongside Gary Lineker, Rio Ferdinand and Alan Shearer, the internet has been having quite a different conversation.

It’s the cardigan people want to discuss. Why is he wearing it, how hot is he, does he realise he’s in Brazil... and where did he get it from?

Don't believe these are big issues? Well, Thierry’s cardigan has already got its own Twitter account.

So I decided to investigate further the garment that had everyone talking at midnight on Saturday as England played Italy in the jungle. With no definitive answers from the BBC or his agent, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find the hottest cardi in Brazil.

It looked expensive. A nice bit of sky blue piping and pocket detail against the navy blue of the whole cardigan. But where, oh where was it from?

Zooming in found no logo. Google search upon Google search (…upon Google search) threw up nothing of relevance. Sure, people were talking about it. But not where it is from. And no, I didn’t just want a blue cardigan oh Google gods. I wanted that Thierry Henry one.

Even Twitter couldn’t seem to help. One fashion-themed Twitter account mocked the press for emailing in quite an obviously erratic manner looking for said cardie.

But I kept on looking. Conscious of two things: 1. This had taken me rather a long time and 2. My editor could quite clearly see my screen and knew how deep I was into this task - I couldn't fail now.

I was briefly taunted by Marc by Marc Jacobs, convinced I’d found the one, just in the wrong colour. I cursed its orange pockets.

Further calls and emails to Henry’s agent, the BBC, Marc Jacobs (because I couldn’t let that go) lead to nothing. Nothing.

Twitter was full of cries for where it's from and then, finally, someone just off the cuff (as if it meant nothing!) pointed me in 140 glorious characters or fewer to Gucci. And there it was in all its blue, apparently perfect for Brazil, glory.

It’s £505 of course. And knitted-silk. But you know what... I think it might just be the one...


I think my editor should buy me two.


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