Mexico may be out of the World Cup now, but while they were in, they were extremely excited about their goals.

How do we know? Well, supporters of the Mexican team have been adding an extra 6.63 letters to the word goal in celebratory posts on Facebook.

In fact, Mexico topped the tally for the most extra letters added into the word goal during the World Cup.

Well, aside from Venezuela, who were adding almost double that regardless of the fact that they don't have a team in the tournament.

The social network site has been tracking the varying reactions of football fans around the world, concluding that Iran added the least extra letters at 0.18, while host nation Brazil came in at fourth with 5.43 letters of extra excitement.

Here in the UK, with (unfortunately) little to celebrate when it came to the England team, our tally comes in at just 0.42.

Different spellings of the word goal have been taken into account in the data, with the additional letter not necessarily being an o.