Ambridge is full of love at the moment, and two people who are deeply in their romance era are Tracy Horrobin and Jazzer McCreary.


Radio Times magazine caught up with Susie Riddell (45) and Ryan Kelly (48) to find out all about their characters' second chance at love on The Archers.

As a recap, Tracy is the mother of Chelsea and Brad and a member of the Bull’s bar staff, while Jazzer is a pig tender at Berrow Farm.

Tell us about Tracy and Jazzer.

Susie: Well, they’re fab!

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Ryan: Jazzer is a reformed bad boy. Early on, he was stealing cars. I love the idea of being a blind car thief! [The actor has been blind since birth.] He’s a kind of laughter-maker. Tracy is the same.

Susie: They bring comedy and light and joy to the show but, with their relationship, the characters have become more in-depth. Both of their lives have been full of quite intense challenges. That means they’re up for anything.

Where does the chemistry lie?

Susie: They both like to have fun and laugh. Having a shared sense of humour is a major boon to their relationship. They’re both quite self-assured and not afraid.

Ryan: They’re not bothered about what the neighbours think.

Susie: Yes, I always describe Tracy as having no filter, and I think Jazzer’s the same.

Ryan: The only thing that has made those two mellow is age. And they’ve not mellowed that much!

Susie: I remember, in our first proper scenes, there was an argument that really kicked off the relationship. But when I saw the way Jazzer and Tracy butted up against each other, I thought, "Hmm, yes, I think they might get together one day."

The Archers' Jazzer and Tracy sitting together on a bench
The Archers' Jazzer and Tracy.

In real life, do you have other halves who make you laugh?

Susie: Yes, definitely. That’s the first thing I’d say about my husband – he really makes me laugh. When I’ve been doing argument scenes with Ryan, it feels like I’m having a row with my real-life husband.

Ryan: I make my wife mad when she doesn’t want to laugh. But I can make her laugh usually.

Susie: That’s true in the green room as well. Ryan is an extremely astute reader of mood. He’s very good at lightening it.

Are Brad and Jazzer similar?

Susie: No, but they’re both very sweet. Jazzer has come into the family as an older brother/step-father figure who doesn’t overstep the mark. It’s lovely for a step-parent to be shown that way, rather than as a negative change.

The Archers' Tracy and Jazzer leaning on a wooden shed
The Archers' Tracy and Jazzer.

So you rate their chances?

Susie: Oh yes, definitely. It’s been a bit up and down, but essentially they love each other to their core. Jazzer and Tracy’s first attempt at a wedding went disastrously wrong.

What about attempt number two?

Susie: It doesn’t go smoothly, either! I don’t think anything’s going to go smoothly for them. And I love that. I’d hate it for it to go smoothly, because the comedy and the joy come from that.

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