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Patsy Kensit on her Holby City return: "Faye needs a heart transplant"

But will she survive the operation?

Published: Tuesday, 3rd September 2019 at 5:17 pm

There's an ill wind blowing on Holby City this week. Not only is the rain lashing the windows of the hospital, but there's a perfect storm on the wards too as Jac Naylor finds that her latest patient is none other than her old adversary Faye Morton.


Yes, Patsy Kensit is making a one-episode return to the BBC1 medical drama, with Faye's appearance set to raise Jac's hackles, especially when the surgeon discovers that her rival in love has reunited with none other than Joseph Byrne (Luke Roberts).

"What I love about this episode is that Faye and Jac really go for each other," reveals Kensit, teasing the Dynasty-esque vibe between the two Holby heroines. "All that's missing are the shoulder pads. In fact, I asked for more lip gloss but they wouldn't give it to me!"

The trouble for Faye, though, is that she isn't in the best of health thanks to some off-screen problems and is now in need of Jac's help.


"In her years away, Faye developed a drink problem," continues the actress. "Now, she's recovered and got back together with Joseph, but the alcohol abuse has left her with heart problems. Faye needs an transplant but she's reluctant to let Jac do the operation. At one point, she even says, 'I do not want that woman anywhere near me with a scalpel in her hands'."

Holby bosses aren't yet revealing what happens when Faye goes under the knife or whether she survives the op. But despite the tensions on screen, Kensit can certainly testify to the fact that things were a lot more relaxed behind the camera:

"It was great. I loved coming back because it was such fun. Rosie [Marcel], Luke and I were always crying with laughter during my original time on the show. And nothing's changed. Plus, this time around, I got to lie down for three weeks. I hit the jackpot!"


Holby City is on BBC1 tonight at 8:00pm


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