We're still picking our jaws up off the floor after that big wedding twist in the much-anticipated return of Neighbours - but there's a lot more to talk about than the shock nuptials of Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou)!


Obviously, that first one needs explaining, but there are other mysteries to delve into. A brand new trailer shown at the end of the episode proves that Neighbours intends to keep up the guessing game.

From Reece's (Mischa Barton) true identity and Susan's (Jackie Woodburne) secrecy, to Harold's (Ian Smith) worrying behaviour and whatever it is that connects new family the Varga-Murphys' to Ramsay Street, read on as RadioTimes.com runs through the biggest talking points from those spoiler clips.

Toadie and Terese get married

Terese and Toadie at the altar in Neighbours
Terese and Toadie at the altar in Neighbours. Freevee

After that big reveal, the trailer shows that Terese and Toadie do indeed say their vows and become man and wife!

With Susan discussing the fact that it wasn't so long ago the happy couple were marrying other people, Terese's ex, Paul (Stefan Dennis) is seen reflecting on their lost relationship. Meanwhile, Toadie urges Terese to enjoy "the first day of the rest of [their] lives".

All this tells us is that Terese and Toadie appear to be blissfully in love. But how, why, and when? We all remember that Toadie had just married Mel (Lucinda Cowden) in the finale, right?

It's not a stretch to imagine that Terese tired of Paul's destructive behaviour once more, leading to a split. But what was it that broke Toadie and Mel apart? And how on earth did he end up with Terese? Fingers crossed for a flashback to fill in the gaps...

Reece's mysterious secret

Mischa Barton as Reece Sinclair in Neighbours holding a Ramsay Street sign
Mischa Barton as Reece Sinclair in Neighbours. Amazon Freevee

Byron (Xavier Molyneux) and Reece are still in the throes of passion as we look ahead to future instalments of Neighbours - but the trailer also shows hotel guest Reece telling Paul that she doesn't want anyone touching her things.

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Paul suggests to Byron and son Leo (Tim Kano) that he thinks Reece is running away from something. Byron wonders why Reece didn't tell her who she is, while she asks him to keep something quiet.

Paul's sister Lucy (Melissa Bell) orders him to do damage control, while Paul is seen savagely telling Reece that "I do not have to answer to you, and I never, ever will". The clues hint that Reece is heavily connected to Lassiters, but in what capacity?

Susan's hiding something too

Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kennedy in Neighbours
Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kennedy in Neighbours. Freevee

After Susan's shifty behaviour this episode, new scenes see husband Karl (Alan Fletcher) asking her what she's not telling him. It must be something big, because Susan reveals that she is scared her secret will change everything.

As Susan furtively checks her laptop, is this linked to her flash new jewellery, courtesy of a "pay out"? Or is she hiding something more worrying?

Should we be worried for Harold?

Ian Smith as Harold Bishop in Neighbours.
Ian Smith as Harold Bishop in Neighbours. Fremantle/Amazon Freevee

Harold appears to have memory troubles, and the trailer sees close friend and doctor, Karl, seeking a chat about the loveable character. A serious conversation then seems to take place between Harold, Susan and Karl, and Harold is seen looking rather lost in the street. Will Harold be okay?

The Varga-Murphy family in Neighbours
The Varga-Murphy family in Neighbours. Freevee

"Did you see that look she gave me," says Wendy (Candice Leask) of newcomer Cara (Sara West), who glances mistrustfully over at the local. Cara is also seen assuring her sons that they aren't in any danger, but they're not so sure. What's going on there?

We also see JJ (Riley Bryant) scouring the Ramsay Street history book, and he mentions needing proof for something. Is he secretly related to another resident? He's certainly been speedy in taking an interest in his new surroundings. Do we have a paternity twist on our hands here? It would appear so...

Romance for Mackenzie?

Neighbours Mackenzie
Neighbours' Mackenzie.

"The planets are aligning, I can feel it!" declares Mack (Georgie Stone) in the new clip. Don't forget, we're meeting her two years on from the tragic death of her husband Hendrix (Ben Turland), but she's still wearing a wedding ring round her neck.

New café owner Haz (Shiv Palekar) brands himself as Mack's date in the first episode, and we can see the pair exchanging sweet gazes in a series of moments from upcoming scenes. Is Haz set to be Mackenzie's new love interest?

Jane and Mike on the rocks?

Annie Jones (Jane Harris) and Guy Pearce (Mike Young)
Annie Jones (Jane Harris) and Guy Pearce (Mike Young) Freevee

By the looks of it, there's a dramatic trip to the UK in store for Jane and Mike! Mike is planning some kind of gesture, but Jane is keeping a secret from him, and is soon frustrated that he doesn't seem to be listening to her.

Are Jane and Mike built to last, or doomed to split?

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