It sure has been quite the wild ride since Neighbours returned to our screens earlier this week, hasn't it?


After years as the villainous businessman, fans of the long-running Australian soap thought things wrapped up rather nicely for Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) when the series originally came to an end last year.

Well, it looks as though his future with Terese was short-lived, as it was revealed in the new episode that Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has actually married Toadie (Ryan Moloney) instead.

But Neighbours fans have known for a long time now that when it comes to Paul Robinson, you have to wait and see what the character has up his sleeves – and it's usually never nice.

Aside from anticipating Paul being very much on the warpath in the new Amazon Freevee series, Stefan Dennis has also teased some further plot lines that could be coming his character's way in an exclusive chat with

Paul and Terese in the Neighbours finale
Paul and Terese in Neighbours. Channel 5/Fremantle

When asked whether any of his children could be making a return to Ramsey Street any time soon, Dennis admitted: “I don't know if we will."

But speaking about the child he would love to make a re-appearance, Dennis said: "I would love Jordan [Patrick Smith] to come back in just for a stint to say hello. And I have always wanted Pippa [Black] to come back.

"But unfortunately, I think she's given up the business which is a bit of a shame. But you know, I keep working away at it. But ya know, she's fave daughter.”

Black did reprise her role as Paul's daughter Elle back as recently as last year, so could a family reunion be on the cards for the Robinson clan? Likewise, Smith appeared in a 2022 episode as Paul's son Andrew, but the actor has gone on to star in other acclaimed series like Vikings and Lovecraft County.

As for the Robinson reunion, we'll just have to wait and see. But one thing we know for certain is that there's plenty more to come for Paul and Terese.

Speaking to about what's to come, Dennis also teased a plan of action when it comes to Terese, saying: "Guys seem to have it in their head, particularly if they're dumped, they know how to get the woman back.

"So they're really nasty and that'll make them love them more... That's what Paul does."

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