Elly’s Neighbours exit storyline revealed as she starts new life with Shaun?

Is this how the troubled mum leaves Ramsay Street?

neighbours elly shaun

Characters in Soap Land tend to go through spells of terrible luck, but Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) in Neighbours has had more than her fair share of late – but could her upcoming departure be a happy one?


Viewers have seen Elly sent to prison over the events surrounding Finn’s death, nearly lose her baby daughter, Aster, and facing a fight for her life thanks to some threatening behaviour from fellow inmates- including Andrea Somers (Madeleine West).

But now she is out and has reunited with Aster’s father, Shaun Watkins (Brad Moller), a reunion that seemed unlikely to her on account of him apparently being killed in an avalanche accident.

Shaun somehow survived by hiding in a cabin for months and made a shock return just in time to stop his mother fleeing the country with his daughter.

But does his return paint a picture of how Elly will say her goodbyes to Erinsborough? Upcoming scenes in the UK (that have already aired in Australia thanks to the gap that now exists between transmissions) show Shaun make the shock decision to leave and head back to Switzerland following how fragile everyone is after all that has happened.

Confronted by what his brother did, he heads off leaving Elly and Aster behind with the promise to return when he is confident he can be a good father. Elly is sad to see him go but realises he needs the space to get over everything he has been through.

neighbours shaun elly

But, is this the last we will see of Shaun? We suspect his return, which would be largely pointless otherwise, has been done in order to facilitate an eventual happy ending for Elly so we fully expect a reunion before her time on the street comes to a close. As for whether this occurs on-screen or she heads out to join him alone remains to be seen.

We recently looked at ways Elly could leave Neighbours and a new life with Shaun was one of our predictions. While there are of course other possibilities, we’re standing by this being the most likely option.


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