It's almost St Patrick's Day on Hollyoaks and one couple is determined to make the most of their time together.


Peri Lomax (Ruby O'Donnell) organises a surprise trip for Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshaw) to take her mind off her upcoming PET scan results.

In Brighton for the weekend, the pair experience a few setbacks and bump into an unexpected helper: RuPaul's Drag Race winner Danny Beard.

Meanwhile, in Chester, Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) and James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) bicker over their wedding planning — and Brooke Hathaway (Tylan Grant) is worried over their new job.

Read on for all your Hollyoaks spoilers from 13th-17th March 2023.

1. Peri takes Juliet to the seaside

The couple enjoy a day out in Brighton.
The couple enjoy a day out in Brighton. Lime Pictures

Juliet takes a PET scan to see if her latest treatment is working. Expressing her interest in James and Ste's wedding, she opens up to Peri about her difficult childhood and always wanting to go to the seaside.

Inspired by her girlfriend's words, Peri decides to surprise Juliet by taking her to Brighton whilst they wait for the results.

However, Peri soon finds out she's unable to pay for the trip and asks James to lend her a hand. Reluctant to fund the trip as he's worried over his sister's health, the lawyer caves and foots the bill when Ste persuades him to help.

Thanks to James, Peri manages to give Juliet the seaside trip she's always dreamt of. The couple stay in a deluxe suite and share a special moment on Brighton Beach.

After a night of partying, Peri realises all of their belongings are missing. She and Juliet need a miracle to make it back to Chester in time for the doctor's appointment — and that's when Drag Race winner Danny Beard comes into play.

2. A ride from a Drag Race star

Drag Race winner Danny Beard saves the day. Lime Pictures

Juliet, Peri and their new pal Danny Beard wake up in Brighton with a terrible hangover.

Danny agrees to give the couple a ride back to the village in their drag wagon, determined to distract Juliet from her test results.

During a pitstop, Danny livestreams to their followers — but an offensive comment causes Juliet to break down. The drag queen dishes some words of wisdom and gives Juliet a makeover to remember.

3. Brooke finds a job

Tylan Grant as Brooke Hathaway in Hollyoaks
How will Brooke find their new gig? Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Determined to find a new job, Brooke is weighing up their options. After trying the hospital and local businessman Tom Cunningham (Ellis Hollins) to no avail, they're at a loss.

Luckily, Lizzie Chen-Williams (Lily Best) saves the day, asking Brooke to work a few shifts at the Love Boat — but they're worried about the bar's fast-paced environment.

When Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) offers them a job later on, Brooke worries they may not be able to handle it, but Jack Osborne (James McKenna) offers some words of wisdom.

4. Ste and James plan the wedding

Hollyoaks Ste and James
Will these two stop bickering in time for the ceremony?

Hollyoaks's couple Ste and James are planning their upcoming nuptials, and realising they have very different ideas as to how they want their big day to play out.

Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) tries to help the bickering couple out with hilarious results, but will they listen?

Finally agreeing on one thing, Ste and James have an important question to ask Sienna and Romeo Nightingale (Owen Warner).

5. Charlie is in trouble, again

Nancy won't let Charlie off this time.
Nancy won't let Charlie off this time. Lime Pictures

Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) is in serious trouble when he escapes school to meet his dealer. Smelling weed, teacher Beau Ramsey (Jon-Paul Bell) prompts a locker search.

As Nancy (Jessica Fox) is adjusting to her new headteacher role and being especially strict, Charlie thinks he and his friends should fight back, deciding to set off the fire alarm.

Nancy won't let this one slide and announces detention for all students until the culprit comes forward. Charlie confesses, but what kind of punishment will he be given? And how can Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) mediate between him and Nancy?

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In other scenes, a desperate, low-on-cash Charlie steals his dealer's stash and gets into a hurtful confrontation with Nancy, who exclaims his behaviour is proof he is no son of hers.

6. Norma has a plan

hollyoaks glynis barber as norma crow
What is Norma hiding? Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) breaks into Sienna's apartment and goes through her things. What is she looking for?

The Undertaker talks to her son Warren (Jamie Lomas), encouraging him to make things right with Sienna by taking the children to a safari park for the weekend.

Sienna reluctantly agrees to let the kids go with Warren and Norma, but a shocking discovery from Ste reveals something is amiss.

7. Lacey helps Prince and Hunter

Annabelle Davis as Lacey Lloyd in Hollyoaks.
Lacey is ready to help her housemates. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Twins Prince (Malique Thompson-Dwyer) and Hunter McQueen (Theo Graham) forget that Mother's Day is just around the corner and don't have anything planned for Goldie (Chelsee Healey).

Trying to come up with a last-minute surprise, the duo enlist the help of Lacey Lloyd (Annabelle Davis), who manages to save the day.

8. Misbah helps Imran pursue a new passion

Ijaz Rana as Imran Maalik in Hollyoaks
Imran may have found a new career. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Misbah (Harvey Virdi) is invited for a job interview at a Chester clinic. She tells her son Imran (Ijaz Rana) the interview went well, but Sally St Claire (Annie Wallace) fears she may be lying.

When Misbah makes a confession to her family, she explains she's having a new outlook on life and inspires Imran to pursue a passion of his. With the help of Brooke and some creative art therapy, he finds a new career inspiration.

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