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6 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Kyle can't cope, and Cher is here to stay

Plus, 2012's wedding massacre gets another airing in Hollyoaks Favourites.

hollyoaks kyle darren luke
Published: Saturday, 6th June 2020 at 6:00 am

Prepare for an emotional week in Hollyoaks as Kyle Kelly and Darren Osborne's depression storylines reach a tragic new chapter that changes life in the village forever.


Elsewhere more light is shed on how Sylver McQueen fathered a child while banged up in prison, and Hollyoaks Favourites dusts down one of the soap's most memorable vehicle-based disasters from 2012. Here are your Hollyoaks spoilers for 8th-12th June 2020.

Darren opens up to Luke

hollyoaks darren Osborne luke morgan

Feeling powerless as she fears for her partner Darren's mental health, Mandy Morgan goes behind his back to talk to his GP to ask for help. Desperate to get her fella help to cope with his depression she ropes in best mate (and her ex) Luke Morgan, who knows a thing or two about surviving trauma, to have a word. It seems to do the trick as Darren admits to his friend his recent struggle with depression, but while he unburdens himself someone else in the village is falling deeper into the black hole of a psychological breakdown…

Kyle spirals into despair

hollyoaks kyle kelly

Showing two very different ways in which mental health can affect men in their 30s, Kyle's experience sadly doesn't include seeking out a support network and opening up about his condition. Instead, he feels utterly alone as Darren has turned his back while he concentrates on his own recovery, and fiancée Nancy Osborne is on the verge of calling off their wedding after he let her and his step kids down for the umpteenth time. Events then take a tragic turn…

The village is in shock

hollyoaks kyle suicide story

Hollyoaks have confirmed Kyle will take his own life as the storyline reaches a heartbreaking peak in the coming week, with the aftermath of the suicide set to have a devastating impact on the friends and family he leaves behind. How will Nancy feel when she realises she didn't spot the signs as to how unwell he was? And could Darren blame himself for being there for Kyle when he brought him back from the brink?

Cher's mum fills in the gaps

hollyoaks cher Kelly sylver

In slightly lighter matters we finally get an explanation on the backstory of how Sylver McQueen came to have a long-lost teenage daughter Cher. Up until a few days ago he had no idea she existed and claimed to have only ever slept with Mercedes in his life, but as a sordid tale of forbidden passion behind bars about 20 years ago is told we start to get the picture. Let's just say it involves a lonely inmate starting a lengthy stretch for murder, a pretty dental nurse and some innuendo about getting a filling. You're welcome.

Romeo is lovestruck

hollyoaks Romeo nightingale cher winters

Talking of the new McQueen girl in town, it's not long before she's catching the eye of local good-looking lads in need of a love interest and a storyline. Step forward, Romeo Nightingale, who puts the moves on the gobby newcomer. Somehow we don't think this sassy force of nature will fall for his romantic poetry-quoting, Joy Division-listening angsty shtick as much as previous squeeze, tragic, sensitive bookworm Lily. In other words - good luck, sunshine.

Hollyoaks Favourites: Enjoy the ride!

hollyoaks bus crash 2012

Flashing back to 2012 for this week's classic episodes outing, it's one of the soap's most daring stunt weeks ever. A mini-bus crashes into an outdoor marquee hosting a double wedding, as numerous secrets, lies and resentments boil over. The violent demise of mean girl Maddie Morrison is one of the most gif-able soap exits ever, and the whole thing plays like a wild mix of Final Destination and Dynasty's classic Moldavian massacre. It's also the era of future Doctor Who companions Tosin Cole and Mandeep Gill being in the cast, one of which (spoiler alert) doesn't make it out alive of the disaster.

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