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Hollyoaks clears up the mystery of Sylver's secret daughter

He got special treatment from the prison dental nurse

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Published: Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 at 7:25 pm

Sylver McQueen (David Tag) was baffled by the arrival of a teenage girl claiming to be the daughter he didn't know existed and denied everything, as he spent most of his adult life in prison and the kid in question must've been conceived during his incarceration.


Now, Hollyoaks has finally shed light on the circumstances around the conception of Cher Winters (Bethannie Hare) and it turns out the muscly McQueen has not been entirely truthful about saving himself for true love Mercedes while doing time for his mum's murder of his violent stepdad.

"Initially he didn't know what this girl was on about," says Tag, speaking exclusively to "Then when Cher mentions where she was conceived the penny drops - a feeling of dread comes over him and now he has to backtrack and defend thistle that Mercy is the only person he's slept with…

"So in prison, there was a dental nurse called Kelly," continues the actor. "Sylver managed to bed her, it wasn't established exactly where this happened, I reckon it was an empty cell or maybe even in the dentist's chair?!

"It was a one-off or a little fling, he didn't hear much from Kelly after it happened and had no idea she got pregnant.

"Now, 18 years later, a daughter he knows nothing about suddenly appears!"

Hollyoaks – Cher McQueen (Bethany Hare)
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Sylver was forced to come clean when Kelly also showed up in the village in pursuit of Cher, who had run away following a huge row and went to track down the dad she never knew upon learning some details about his background.

"Having tried to pay Cher off to keep quiet, in typical Sylver fashion he feels guilty about doing the wrong thing and convinces her to stay once everything is out in the open. Mercedes finds out the truth and is cool with it, then Kelly announces she's moving to Greece and leaving Cher with the McQueens - she's their problem now!"

Tag describes Cher as a "classic McQueen, ballsy, bolshy and sassy," who fits right in with Hollyoaks' most chaotic clan. "She's quickly accepted and finds this is where she belongs," he smiles. "In the long run her and Mercedes will become best mates, which is going to make Sylver's life a lot easier!

"But I think Cher could still cause a bit of trouble…"


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