It's not a good week for Kyle Kelly: despite the tortured soul trying to do the right by taking on drug dealer Jordan Price, he ends up in an even bigger mess.


Elsewhere, Tony Hutchinson has no idea how much danger he's in, one of our favourite matriarchs considers life outside the village, and the mighty Brendan Brady's greatest are dusted off from the archives. Here are your Hollyoaks spoilers for Monday 25th-Friday 29th May 2020.

Kyle confronts Jordan over giving drugs to Charlie

hollyoaks kyle kelly jordan price

A clever ripple effect of the county lines storyline is showing how these insidious drug dealing rings don't just impact vulnerable teenagers - Kyle is a grown-up with a steady job, a respectable teacher as a fiancee and an affluent, ready-made suburban family he's about to marry into. And yet he's as much a victim of Jordan's manipulation as stepson Charlie Dean, who Kyle discovers has been recruited into pushing drugs in the playground. But seeing as Kyle is also one of Jordan's clients, scoring weed to battle depression and MS symptoms, he doesn't really have a leg to stand on when he confronts Mr Price, who retains the upper hand over both Kyle and Charlie. Nancy, as usual, is oblivious to what's really going on - all she can see is Kyle cracking up for apparently no good reason, leading her to question whether she can still marry him…

Jordan gets his claws into Peri

hollyoaks jordan peri

Charismatic Jordan has other fish to fry as he continues to woo Peri Lomax. But there's the distinct sense he's playing things a bit too close to home, as Jordan's teenage nephew, and groomed drug mule, Sid Sumner lives with the Lomaxes, not to mention the fact Mr Price also has his eye on Peri's mum Leela. Thinking he's silenced Kyle and kept Charlie on his the payroll, cocky Jordan suggests a romantic day out with Peri. To say events then take a dramatic turn is putting it very mildly…

Tony is being poisoned (again)

hollyoaks tony hutchinson edward hutchinson

Another week, another spot of medication meddling from evil Dr Edward Hutchinson. Now the sinister surgeon is slipping son Tony harmful doses of testosterone he's pretending are blood thinners to help him recover from his recent surgery to remove a brain tumour. Oh, did we forget to mention there was no surgery because there wasn't actually a tumour? Tone is well and truly reeled in by his dastardly dad and happily necking the pills - how long before he starts turning green, busting out of his chef's uniform and being recruited to recover some Infinity Stones by Nick Fury?

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Mercedes is pushed out

hollyoaks mercedes maquen sylver mcqueen

Mercy and Sylver are finally back together and all is well with the world, but here comes someone threatening their happiness. Yes, there's a third person in this marriage, but don't worry we're not in for yet another love triangle as a bad boy tempts Mrs McQueen from her teddy bear of true love - this time the threat is purely platonic as lodger Warren Fox strikes up a bromance with Sylver and Mercedes is left filing her acrylics as the boys talk… actually, what on earth have these two got to talk about? Smashing stuff up? The mind boggles.

Bye bye Misbah?

Played by Harvey Virdi

Not all Dee Valley Hospital doctors are despicable villains like Edward, just look at lovely, caring Misbah Maalik. And do it while you can because this week she wins a prestigious secondment to Surrey for a few months and prepares to temporarily leave the family to fend for themselves. But finding daughter Yazz romping half-naked on the sofa with boyfriend Tom Cunningham in his lucky red seduction boxers makes the matriarch think twice. Without sensible Misbah around to keep an eye things, the Maalik house could turn into a saucy scene from Eyes Wide Shut once she's hurtling down the M6.

Hollyoaks Favourites: Brendan Brady's biggest moments

hollyoaks Brendan brady

We've revisited devilish Clare Devine, this week it's time for another shady Hollyoaks icon to be given the classic episodes treatment. Irish gangster Brendan Brady spent three years as the soap's alpha male from 2010, and launched Emmett J Scanlan's career. Since leaving the messed-up moustachioed hard man behind he's starred in Peaky Blinders, The Fall, Gangs of London and and popped up in Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. Watch his star quality ignite before your very eyes in Hollyoaks Favourites from Wednesday-Friday at 7.00pm on E4.


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