Gangs of London season 2 release date: Cast, trailer and latest news for Sky series

Here's the latest on the follow-up to Sky Atlantic's brash and brutal series.

Gangs of London – Elliot (Sope Dirisu)

There’s not long to go until Gangs of London goes into production for its second series, and the show has now unveiled which directors will be helming the upcoming run.


The Nun director Corin Hardy will take the lead for the series, directing four of the eight episodes, while Marcela Said (Lupin, Narcos: Mexico) and Nima Nourizadeh (Little America) will helm two apiece.

Hardy is not a stranger to the show, having also directed four episodes of the first series and he’s said it is “an honour to be handed the reigns for season two”.

“Helping Gareth and the team bring the first season of Gangs of London kicking, screaming and exploding to life was an invigorating high-dive into the world of cinematic television,” he told Variety.

The show’s co-creator Gareth Evans added: “I have no doubt under his direction the journey for this incredible cast of characters will be a visceral, thrill-ride packed with emotion and bloodshed.”

Star Sope Dirisu had previously teased that filming on the second series was set to being in the next few months, and he said that while he hadn’t yet seen any scripts, he was looking forward to get stuck in to his character again.

The EE Rising Star BAFTA nominee said: “I would love for Elliot the same thing I would love for all humanity, and that is peace of mind and happiness, but I don’t think that is the trajectory that he is on.

“I think it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better for him, so I suppose what I would like that is a bit more realistic is a rollercoaster ride, something that he can look back and be like, ‘I lived through that, there were a lot of experiences’.”

Co-created by Evans and Matt Flannery, Sky’s blockbuster series fused tense gangland drama with the kinds of spectacular fight sequences previously seen in Evans’ The Raid movies.

It was a combination that won over critics and drew in big audiences, with the nine-parter becoming Sky Atlantic’s biggest original drama of 2020 as fans both watched weekly and binge-watched the entire first season as a box set.

The series explores the explosive fallout that follows the assassination of Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney), a powerful mob boss, with his family – led by son Sean (Joe Cole) – fighting to main control while facing opposition from a number of feuding criminal factions.

The first run of episodes wrapped up a number of storylines, but also left several threads purposefully dangling and posed a number of big questions, especially related to Finn’s enigmatic “investors” whose (mostly) unseen presence cast a dark shadows over the first season.

Read on for everything you need to know about Gangs of London season two.

Will there be a Gangs of London season 2?

Yes! It was confirmed on 24th June 2020 that Sky had renewed Gangs of London for a second season, joining with US broadcaster AMC who will air both seasons in the States.

It’s no surprise after the show’s 7-day cumulative viewing figures of 2.23 million saw it become Sky Atlantic’s biggest ever original drama launch, bigger even than Chernobyl and Save Me.

“Not only is Gangs of London Sky’s most binged premiere box-set this year, it’s the biggest original drama launch on Sky Atlantic of the past five years,” said Zai Bennett, Sky UK’s Managing Director of Content. “It’s dark, dangerous and we are thrilled it is coming back for a second series.”

Gangs of Londons season 2 release date

Expect new episodes in 2022 – thought due to the ongoing global situation, particularly the coronavirus pandemic, it’s tough at this stage to be more specific, as the show’s co-creator, writer/director Gareth Evans, told as part of an exclusive Gangs of London Q&A event on the Radio Times Facebook page.

“It’s one of those things where we’ve still be in the throes of enjoying the response to it, and enjoying the reaction to the first one,” Evans explained,

Episode 08

“It took us three years to get this one designed and done and out – and also we’re in weird unprecedented times at the moment, both on a global scale and on many other levels.”

Evans added: “It’s something that we’re very heartened by, to hear that there’s a hunger for it, that there’s a desire for it, and who knows? Just watch this space, really.”

Evans also told Sky News: “We have to wait and see for [a second season], but there’s certainly scope and availability there for the story threads to be picked up again and for those journeys to continue.”

In a further interview, Evans and series director Corin Hardy further outlined the big plans they have for a second outing, telling Metro, “I think there’s lots of things up for grabs and we’ve got a lot of big ideas but it’s obviously it’s up to the crowd watching if there’s another one.

“That was the thing that blew my mind, it was seeing people staying up until 1am watching online.”

Gangs of London season 2 trailer

We’re still some way off a season two trailer, but if you want a clue as to when one might debut, Sky revealed a first-look teaser for Gangs of London (see below) on 2nd March 2020, around seven weeks prior to launch.

We’ll bring you your first look at a second season of Gangs of London right here as soon as a trailer drops.

Gangs of London season 2 cast: Who’s returning?

**Warning: contains spoilers for all episodes of Gangs of London**

Though it’s unclear if Joe Cole will return as Sean Wallace – for more info on that character’s fate, see below – we’d expect the following cast members to be back for a second season of Gangs of London: Sope Dirisu as Elliot Carter/Finch, Michelle Fairley as Marian Wallace, Arta Dobroshi as Floriana, Lucian Msamati as Ed Dumani, Paapa Essiedu as Alex Dumani and Pippa Bennett-Warner as Shannon Dumani.

Gangs of London – Alex (Papa Essiedu)
Sky UK Ltd

It’s likely that Narges Rashidi will return as Kurdish PKK militant Lale, along with Asif Raza Mir as Pakistani heroin kingpin Asif, with the latter out for revenge on the former after she murdered his politician son Nasir (Parth Thakerar) in response to Asif slaughtering her entire staff and destroying her factory.

The other Wallace children, drug addict Billy (Brian Vernel) and A&E doctor Jacqueline (Valene Kane), were planning to flee the country at the end of Gangs’ first season, though it’s possible we might catch up with them again in future, along with other supporting characters like Albanian mafia boss Luan (Orli Shuka).

Though he’s now long-dead, it’s also feasible that Colm Meaney might continue to appear on the show as Finn Wallace by way of flashbacks.

It’s probable we’ll see more of Tim McInnerny as Jacob and Amanda Drew as Ms. Kane – the two representatives of Finn’s mysterious investors, introduced in the first season finale – but director Xavier Gens also told Den of Geek that he expects “a new, big antagonist” to debut in the second season.

“We need to create a new one because the body count of the first season is quite elevated!” Gens said.

Corin Hardy, who directed four episodes of the first run, will be lead director this time around, while Marcela Said (Lupin, Narcos: Mexico) and Nima Nourizadeh (Little America) will take the reigns for two episodes each.

Gangs of London season 2: Is Sean dead?

The first season of Gangs of London ended with many major characters in troubling predicaments…

Marian was shot by Ed Dumani and feigned death, but she actually survived the gunshot wound and finds an unexpected ally in Floriana, Finn’s mistress.

Elsewhere, Shannon and Sean discovered Elliot’s identity as an undercover cop, leading to Shannon taking the life of his handler Vicky. Sean reacts differently to the revelation – although he is shocked, he attempts to team up with Elliot in an attempt to bring down Finn’s investors.

Gangs of London

But in a final twist, Elliot betrays Sean, shooting him on the orders of the Investors, who’d threatened the lives of both Shannon and her son. Elliot allows Alex Dumani – the investors’ hand-picked successor to take over Finn’s criminal empire – to escape.

It appears the all-powerful investors have once again manipulated events to their advantage, but Elliot might have a trump card… in the form of a SIM card. Gifted him earlier by Sean, it contains years’ worth of information accumulated by Finn prior to his death, detailing the investors’ corrupt activities.

Will Elliot use this intel to bring down the investors?

Meanwhile, some fans have speculated that, despite taking a bullet to the head and apparently being declared dead by the police, Sean Wallace may still be alive…

Elliot notably shoots him in the cheek, with Gareth Evans adding fuel to the fire of those survival rumours: “I think we’ve kept that pretty open of where Elliot shot him. If it had been dead centre, then yeah absolutely [he’d be dead].”

So perhaps we could still see Elliot and Sean team up to take on the investors after all…


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