Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) was left in grave danger in tonight's dramatic instalment of Emmerdale (4th January 2023), as he was left for dead with a serious stab wound.


The young man was stunned when he walked in on mum Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) about to take cocaine in her kitchen. The recovering addict has been suffering amid her split with husband Liam (Jonny McPherson), and was let down when he dashed her hopes of a reconciliation.

Lonely and desperate, Leyla put in a call to previous dealer Callum (Tom Ashley), and arranged a meeting. She bought some coke and returned to the house, where she was torn over whether or not to take the drugs. Just as she was hovering over the substance, which was laid out on the table, Jacob arrived.

Leyla Cavanagh in Emmerdale
Roxy Shahidi as Leyla in Emmerdale. ITV

He was disgusted with Leyla and demanded answers, but refused to believe her when she insisted that she hadn't taken anything and was about to throw the cocaine in the bin. Jacob rushed upstairs to search her bedroom, while Leyla promised that he wouldn't find anything there. For a moment, it seemed that Jacob was softening towards her - but she was left shocked when he locked her inside the room.

Downstairs, Jacob used Leyla's phone to trick Callum into another meeting. He grabbed a kitchen knife and headed out - with the oblivious, trapped Leyla still shouting after him.

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Near the viaduct, Callum played it cool when he arrived to find only Jacob there. But when Jacob confronted him over dealing drugs to Leyla, Callum pointed out that she was the one to make contact with him. Jacob brandished the knife and ordered him to stay away from his mum, but Callum began to attack him.

The pair ended up in a terrifying tussle, until Jacob was stabbed in the stomach. Callum had ended up holding the weapon, and he dropped it to the floor before driving away, leaving Jacob alone and badly injured.

As he began to bleed heavily, Jacob collapsed to the floor, sobbing and clutching his wound. Will anyone come to his rescue, or could Jacob lose his life while trying to protect Leyla?

Jacob's ordeal was kept under wraps until transmission, so there's no indication as to whether the character will survive. Could Emmerdale be about to kill off yet another popular mainstay?

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