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4 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Vinny's dad finally appears as Sam and Lydia get married

Plus, Dan struggles with his new life

Emmerdale Lydia and Sam Wedding
Published: Saturday, 11th April 2020 at 6:15 am

Emmerdale fans are finally getting the answer they have been demanding for months - who Vinny's dad is.


And when mysterious Paul does make his way back to the village, it's not all smiles as Mandy is livid with him upon his arrival.

Of course, in the backdrop of all this, Sam and Lydia tie the knot - there's never a quiet Dingle wedding on Emmerdale.

Here's all your spoilers for the coming week, between Monday 13th April and Friday 17th April.

Mandy gets a shock from a blast from the past

emmerdale mandy dingle paul

Mandy Dingle has been keeping one big secret very close to her chest - the identity of Vinny's dad. But that's all about to come crashing down in the coming weeks when the father makes his way back to Emmerdale. When Lydia's hen-do goes disastrously wrong, Mandy and the bride-to-be end up walking around the country roads trying to get home following a big night on the town. Mandy loses Lydia after an argument with a taxi driver and after tumbling down a verge, she is greeted with the man she never thought she'd see again - Paul, Vinny's dad.

Paul says he's looking for his son, but Mandy lies and tells him he's no longer in Emmerdale. Later at the wedding, Mandy is torn up over the secret she's holding close to her chest. She loves Vinny dearly, but how can she tell him the truth? As the Dingle clan pose for photos outside the reception at the Woolpack, Paul is sitting watching from a distance and sees his son is clearly in Emmerdale. It seems Mandy's secret won't stay hidden for much longer...

Drama at the Dingle wedding

Emmerdale Lydia
Emmerdale's Lydia

Aside from all the turmoil caused by Paul's arrival, there's still some big drama at the Dingle wedding. Sam is beside himself with excitement over finally being able to marry the love of his life. But Leyla and Kerry worry when Lydia doesn't show up in the morning to get her hair and makeup done. Although she's late and surely deeply hungover, the wedding can go on as planned.

After some touching words from Zak, Sam is blown away when he sees Lydia walk down the aisle and they finally tie the knot. And at the reception, well, it's about as raucous as you can imagine, with dancing, laughter and a rogue gravy fountain - what could possibly go wrong?

Dan learns to live with his disability

Emmerdale Dan
Emmerdale's Dan

Following on from his life-changing allergic reaction, Dan is left to come to terms with what happened to him and his new way of living. He insists he can look after Amelia just as good as before the accident, but when it comes down to it, he finds it might not be as easy as he thought. When he goes to use the kitchen, Dan struggles to make a meal for himself and ends up crying in agony. Will he learn to cope with his new life?

Jamie makes his choice

emmerdale jamie tate belle dingle

Devious Jamie has been getting his dessert and then some, as he's been dating Belle and Andrea at the same time. While he seems to be leaning on Belle, he can't ignore the feelings he had (and has) for his wife. But in the coming weeks, Jamie finally makes his mind up - he loves Belle. And when he tells her, she is initially unsure, but seals the deal with a smooch.


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  • Bob tampers with the gravy fountain at the wedding with disastrous consequences...
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