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Emmerdale's Jamie Tate makes his choice in Belle and Andrea love triangle

The love triangle merry-go-round comes to a halt

Belle Dingle Jamie Tate Andrea Tate
Published: Tuesday, 7th April 2020 at 5:13 pm

Has indecisive vet Jamie Tate finally made a decision that he's actually going to stand by?


Ever since it was revealed in Emmerdale that Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) and Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) had got together on the night of Graham Foster's murder, Kim Tate's dithering son has been bouncing back and forth between Belle and his estranged wife Andrea (Anna Nightingale).

That merry dance is due to come to an end the week of April 13th as he finally decides that the lure of love in the afternoon with his ex-wife and the fear of losing his daughter Millie in a custody battle is nothing compared to a snog with Belle in a muddy field.

The power of a Dingle should not be underestimated.

It's a brave - some would say foolhardy - decision but it is a relief that at last he appears to have actually made his mind up.

In truth, there does seem no way back for him and Andrea but the chance that he may have to say goodbye to his daughter Mille is a massive gamble.

Belle Dingle Joe Tate

In next week's episodes Jamie declares undying love for an astonished but delighted Belle.

It's not so long that Belle told Jamie, "You and me are not friends anymore," after she discovered he had ended up back in Andrea's bed.

But this time her promises he's going to leave Andrea for good.

It won't be good news for his mother Kim who has repeatedly warned Belle off from shacking up with her precious son.

Belle doesn't scare easily though and there are only so many times you can cross a Dingle without suffering the consequences.

Let's hope this Tate is no longer for turning.


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