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Next week's Emmerdale spoilers: Belle gets fired, plus Billy faces big pressure

And will love blossom for Bob and Wendy?

Published: Saturday, 4th April 2020 at 8:30 am

Jamie gets ruthless, Bob is besotted and Malone piles on the pressure.


It’s your full week of Emmerdale action previewed for the week of the 6th to 10th of April 2020.

Read on to see all the drama...

Billy faces pressure


Corrupt cop Malone gets a shock when he finds his beloved 4x4 smouldering in a field – and it’s Billy who’s soon incurring his wrath. When Malone discovers that Cain and Billy had been keeping the 4x4 to use as leverage against him, Billy soon finds himself under arrest following a trumped-up assault claim. Malone then takes great delight in telling Billy that one of his helpers has taken a beating and is now under instruction to tell officers that Billy was responsible. What will Billy do when Malone then issues him with a surprise ultimatum?

Jamie gets Belle fired


Jamie is juggling the two women in his life and is far from pleased when he sees Belle attending Take a Vow’s lingerie party, where she ends up spending time with Andrea. The normally moist-eyed Jamie then ends up displaying some Tate ruthlessness when he tells Paddy that the only way to solve the vets’ financial problems is to fire Belle. When Paddy then tells Belle that she needs laying off, she comes to the realisation that Jamie is behind the decision. But you can expect Belle to be left surprised by Jamie’s reaction to her words after she engineers a showdown…

Bob and Wendy get close


It’s the term many workers dread hearing: team building. But Bob Hope has always been irrepressibly upbeat, so the fact that he’s organised a treasure hunt in the village for the Woolpack workers should come as little surprise. His aim is to bring Victoria and Luke together, but Mandy also has matchmaking on her mind as she encourages Bob to tell Wendy how he really feels about her. The trouble is that, just as Bob is summoning up the courage to open his heart, a passer-by swoops over and steals Wendy’s handbag. How will Wendy react to Bob’s efforts to comfort her?


In other news…

Paddy is still anxious about Eve and gets into a temper when Bear leaves her alone in her pram for a short time to help David. A nervy Victoria approaches Kim with a proposition. Plus Mandy insists on planning Lydia’s hen night, as well as Sam’s stag. There aren’t enough painkillers available in the whole of Yorkshire to soothe the hangovers that’ll follow.

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