Evil Meena Jutla faces some karma next week.


The devious serial killer has been terrorising Emmerdale for months now, having killed Leanna Cavanagh and Andrea Tate in her quest to get what she wants.

However, fans of the ITV soap opera will already be aware that footage exists of evil Meena attempting to drown her former love rival Victoria Sugden during the epic survival week.

Victoria and Meena’s ex-boyfriend David Metcalfe had fallen in love before falling into a raging river during that week’s chaotic bridge collapse disaster.

After Victoria fell down a waterfall, Meena found her and tried to drown her but was forced to stop when David arrived.

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Unbeknownst to her, body camera footage exists of her crime and ended up back in the HOP offices.

Next week on the soap, former HOP employee Ben Tucker worries as he fails to find a new job after being sacked over the bridge collapse disaster.

Ben gets angry about being Jai Sharma’s scapegoat and has boyfriend Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) distract Jai as Ben breaks into the office to look for evidence proving his innocence.

Later, Jai’s girlfriend Laurel Thomas witnesses Ben clash with Aaron’s half-sister Liv Flaherty at the HOP as Liv’s alcoholism has prompted her to drink again.

Once Ben has managed to get into the HOP office, he searches for evidence of the bridge collapse and comes across the body camera footage.

Ben then witnesses Meena attempting to drown Victoria, leaving him shaken.

Ben Tucker in Emmerdale
Ben Tucker in Emmerdale

A horrified Ben then calls up his friend and former colleague Billy Fletcher and asks him to meet with him and review the evidence.

Ben is then rejected by Billy due to an earlier confrontation.

However, Ben is unaware that Meena is with Billy at the time and realises what has happened.

At the Hide, Ben hears some noises and finds that a drunken Liv has returned and has smashed bottles as she tries to steal wine.

The pair have a verbal clash once again before Liv turns physically aggressive and steals Ben’s phone before fleeing.

Ben is upset after the encounter but is left unnerved when he realises that a smiling Meena is there in the office and witnessed everything.

Meena Jutla lies lifeless on the floor in Emmerdale
Meena Jutla lies lifeless on the floor in Emmerdale ITV

Meena attempts to get her hands on the camera footage but Ben struggles with her and flees with the camera.

Chasing after him, Meena soon slips on the wine that Liv spilled previously.

Ben is panicked when he sees that Meena is lifeless on the floor.

Has Meena died trying to stop her crime from being exposed?

Or does the evil nurse have another trick up her sleeve?

Emmerdale airs on weekdays on ITV and ITV Hub at 7pm.


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