Emmerdale fans were left on the edge of their seats this evening (Thursday 21st October) as the soap confirmed who died in the hellish Survival Week.


As Meena (played by Paige Sandhu) continued her reign of terror, one died in the brutal fire at the Maize Maze.

Be warned: spoilers ahead from this point on.

Throughout the week, Meena had been attempting to see off love rival Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) as she got even closer to David (Matthew Wolfenden), to no avail.

She might have gotten lucky when the rope bridge snapped, plunging them into the wild rapids below, but even that didn't see her off.

Earlier in the week, viewers watched on in horror as Meena attempted to drown an unconscious Victoria, while being watched on by Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale). Thankfully, doting David arrived just in time to save his lover once more.

After Andrea confronted Meena over her crimes, a wild chase which coursed right into the Maize Maze started.

A slip of the wrist with the flare gun accidentally set the whole maze alight as several of the Emmerdale residents became trapped in it.

And really, there was only ever going to be one outcome: Andrea wasn't leaving that maze alive.

After being whacked over the head by the ironic "dead end" sign, and no one looking for her, poor Andrea was disorientated and left to burn in the centre of the maze, while evil Meena managed to escape - only just, though.

As for whether evil Meena will be caught out for her part in Andrea's death, only time will tell.


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