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Emmerdale confirms another body is buried in the woods

Andrea finally confesses why she was covered in blood

emmerdale andrea tate
Published: Thursday, 30th January 2020 at 8:25 pm

Murdered Graham Foster wasn't the only corpse to be left in the woods near Emmerdale that fateful night - Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) has confessed another body is buried among the bark and leaves, and she was responsible for the death.


In Thursday 30th January's double bill, the agitated Mrs Tate tearfully told estranged husband Jamie Tate she was wracked with guilt over her actions on the evening her stepfather-in-law was slain.

Viewers saw Andrea weeping and covered in blood in the episode played from her point of view when she was still one of the suspects, and now we finally have an explanation - Andrea ran over Priya Kotecha's dog, Tip, and stuck her in the ground.

While Priya and the Sharmas put posters up pleading for info on their missing pooch, Andrea has been sitting on the fact she drove off after one too many drinks, shaken by her row with Graham and Jamie over the messy collapse of her marriage, and knocked over the pet.

emmerdale andrea tate jamie tate graham foster

Scared to go to the cops as she was probably over the limit, Andrea said nothing and dealt with the situation by digging a shallow grave for the dead dog. Jamie urged her to come clean to the owners, while swallowing his own guilt at Andrea's gratitude for his support: little does she know he was off snogging Belle Dingle while she was killing animals, and Pierce Harris was bludgeoning Graham.

The trust and intimacy between the Tates was apparent, but Jamie's clandestine fling with colleague Belle looks set to be over thanks to him publicly accusing her cousin Marlon Dingle of being a killer, fed up of half the village accusing his mum Kim Tate of the crime.

Never mind the miscarriage of Marlon being framed for murder, will Tip the dog's tragic true fate be revealed?!


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