Junior drug baron Evie has increased the pressure on cohort Tiffany in tonight's EastEnders by slapping her across the face and ordering her to recruit young Dennis to their gang.

Monday's episode of the BBC1 soap saw Tiff fall further under the spell of Evie after she was tasked with finding a replacement for child narcotics mule Rat.

Despite Bernie explaining that Evie and Rat had tried to set her up by planting drugs on her, Tiff opted to stand by her new friend and refused to call the police.

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Scenes just shown saw Tiff scold a Bernie for getting involved before leaving her heartbroken as she accused her of fancying Evie.

Meanwhile, the increasingly terrifying Evie was busy scheming after being humiliated in the cafe during a run-in with Phil and Dennis.

A cliffhanger scene then saw Evie attempt to tighten her grip on Tiff by attacking her in a moment of shock violence. After feigning apology, Evie then left Tiffany in little doubt that it was Dennis who she wanted to enlist.

"I was just a bit concerned that you thought this was a negotiation," said Evie. "I don't ever want to do that again. I really don't. But what I do want - and you're going to get it for me - is him."

Dennis currently remains unaware that he's been targeted, but with Tiff continuing to feel the pressure in tomorrow's EastEnders, will he unwittingly himself a part of Evie's gang?

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