EastEnders' Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) continues his downward spiral having been banished from his baby daughter's life by her mum Hayley Slater (Katie Jarvis) when he's driven to desperate lengths to get out of the huge debt he's racked up - but will an attempt to get Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) to help him out financially backfire?

Currently a shadow of his former cheeky chappy persona, Alfie is now something of a pariah after it was revealed on Christmas Day he cheated on Kat (Jessie Wallace) and is the father of Hayley's baby Cherry following his secret assignation in Spain with his wife's cousin. He also kidnapped Cherry and planned to flee the country with her, but came to his senses and returned the child to the Slaters last week, at which point Hayley refused to let him see her again.

New pictures from the episode airing on Tuesday 22 January show Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) grow suspicious when boss Phil asks him to work on a car at the garage but keep it on the down low - what has he got to hide?


The answer becomes clear when the muscly mechanic finds a secret stash of money hidden inside the vehicle, at which point Alfie appears at the Arches and sees the loot and the cogs begin to whir…

Up to his eyes in debt and needing money if he's ever going to make a fresh start with his kids and Kat, Alfie pays a visit to Phil and surprises him when he makes an offer to the Mitchell hard man - what scheme has been inspired by seeing the (presumably dodgy) cash in the car at the garage?


Phil came to Alfie's aid a few weeks back by secretly arranging fake passports when he was trying to get out of the UK with Cherry, but will he assist Mr Moon again? And could Alfie's new edgier, more menacing side push him to try and blackmail Phil over knowing he's up to something shady by threatening to reveal he's hiding a motor full of moolah if he doesn't go along with what he asks?

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And despite assuring Hayley he regrets abducting Cherry, and with Richie set to leave the soap again soon, is he about to try and snatch her again and vanish?

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