Mick’s confession rocks Linda as EastEnders’ Carters fight for marriage

What really happened to Mick while was in prison?

eastenders mick carter linda carter

There are emotional scenes in EastEnders next week when Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) breaks down and finally opens up to wife Linda (Kellie Bright) about his prison ordeal. With their marriage almost ruined by the sinister manipulation of Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ), can the Carters finally get back on track?


Mick was framed by sinister Stu for shooting him last year and was jailed for attempted murder, only it later emerged the bald-headed bad boy had actually shot himself but engineered an intricate web of lies to discredit his childhood friend as their epic feud escalated.

While Mick was inside, Linda appeared to turn on her other half and side with Stuart, but she was secretly conning him to elicit a confession that would exonerate Mick, which she eventually did. Since Mick’s release, he and Linda have struggled to return to normal in light of the knowledge Mrs C almost slept with Stuart as part of her elaborate honey trap.


On Tuesday 15 January, the king and queen of the Vic are again at odds as Mick neglects his duties at the pub to hang out with Mitch Baker so they can coach a kids’ football team – but it’s merely a distraction from his marital problems. After snapping at his missus, Mick agrees to ditch Mitch but ends up in another tense row with Linda, who is then shocked at the state she later finds her husband in…

Is Mick hiding something from Linda?

The following episode, on Thursday 17 January, sees a tearful Mick finally opens up about what he went through while he was in prison as Linda begs him to be honest with her – and she’s stunned by what she hears.


Mick was off-screen for the majority of his spell inside, so his time spent at Her Majesty’s pleasure is still shrouded in a certain amount of mystery for the audience. What went on while he was an inmate? Viewers initially saw him struggle as he clashed with top dog Fraser and became drawn into violence. Is there more to Mick’s prison experience that we – and Linda – are about to learn?

And with Stuart still on the Square, having been taken in by kindly Dot Branning, can Mick and Linda ever move on with their arch-enemy living across the road?


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