The Carters face double medical jeopardy in EastEnders after Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) barely recovered from collapsing on Friday 9th August and continues to ignore worrying health symptoms, while Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) is in pieces after receiving a letter from the hospital, sparking fears her cancer may have returned.


Stressed-out Mick's collapse following a bout of chest pains had been teased by the BBC1 soap ahead of tonight's episode, but he was quickly back on his feet after falling to the ground while refereeing at a children's football match.

eastenders mick carter mitch baker

Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) insisted he get checked out and dropped him at the hospital, but when Mick was about to go in he got a call from a flustered L begging him to come home as she'd had bad news from the doctor. Neglecting to tell her about his own health scare, he raced straight back to the Vic.

Mick has been under pressure to keep his family and financial issues in check, with the stress of son Ollie's autism diagnosis foremost in his mind as he struggles to stay afloat.

He's basically a heart attack waiting to happen, and ducking out of seeking medical advice comes back to bite him sooner than he thinks - on Thursday 15th August he collapses again and only arch-enemy Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) is there to help…

eastenders mick carter

When did Linda Carter have cancer?

But what of Linda's letter? On Monday 12th August Mrs Carter is worried about the results of a smear test, with the whole experience bringing back painful memories of her cancer battle from 2017.

Linda's battle with the illness actually occurred off screen while Bright was on maternity leave for the majority of that year. She returned to the cast full-time in September 2017 clearly hiding something, and eventually confessed to Mick she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer while staying with her mum Elaine, but had since been given the all-clear.

eastenders mick carter linda carter

The storyline was briefly revisited recently when Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and shared her fears with the sympathetic landlady.

Can popular publican pairing Mick and Linda support each other as they both face serious health issues head on in the coming weeks?


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