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Keanu and Louise go on the run in EastEnders as Sharon's baby secret is revealed

Ben's plan to frame him for Phil's attack gathers pace

eastenders keanu taylor louise mitchell on the run
Published: Thursday, 8th August 2019 at 7:58 pm

EastEnders' Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) fled Walford with pregnant girlfriend Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) on Thursday 8th August as the net closed in on the mechanic who is being framed by Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) for the attack on Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).


Adding to the complication is the fact Keanu now knows he is also the father of future mother-in-law Sharon Mitchell's (Letitia Dean) baby after he saw the DNA test results that prove Phil is not the daddy - despite his ex-cougar lover having previously insisted the opposite.

But how the incriminating letter found its way back to the Mitchell house among a pile of paperwork for the Arches is something of a mystery - Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) dropped it round early in the episode and left it with Keanu, claiming Sharon had requested the stack of admin from the family business.

Last week, we saw shellshocked Shaz tear up the paternity results and stuff them in a purple carrier bag she then dumped in a bin in the Square, yet tonight said bag and its red-hot contents was carefully folded in with the aforementioned garage correspondence. Someone must have put it there deliberately.

eastenders sharon mitchell

Does Ben know Keanu is the father of Sharon's baby?

When Sharon returned home from hospital, where Phil is now wide awake and trying to recall details of his assault, she froze to see the carrier of doom on the kitchen table and confronted Keanu, assuming he'd found the results and wanted her to know it. Keanu denied all knowledge but by then the cat was out of the (purple) bag - though Sharon refused to discuss it any further, realising she'd exposed her own deceit.

The cops came looking for Keanu, armed with evidence planted by vengeful Ben who is desperate to pin the beating on his arch-rival and keep the truth that Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) was responsible hidden. Poison poured into her ear by her brother left Louise unsure what to believe, but she eventually sided with Keanu and agreed to go on the run with her fella when he said he had to disappear to stop him being sent to prison for something he didn't do. Plus, it's probably a good idea to keep the two pregnant Mitchell women in his life apart…

eastenders louise mitchell

Runaway lovers Keanu and Lou then sneaked off on the tube, while fans wondered who could be behind the unexplained reappearance of Sharon's paternity test results. The most obvious culprit is Ben, as this handily fits his setting up/messing up the mind of Keanu, but surely he would've played that hand immediately to drive a wedge between the Taylor totty and the Mitchells?

So who has found out the big baby secret?


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